Jason Nelson

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Current Transportation: Ford Ecoline E350 Sportsmobile Conversion
Core Activities: Ice Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Rock Climbing, Big Wall Climbing, Mixed Climbing
Non-Core Activities: Kayaking, Trail running, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Canyoneering
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Evolv
Favorite Places: Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Zion Nation Park, Wind River Range, Alaska
My Jam Is: Any size crack I can get a body part into...or were you talking about music?
I Eat Lots Of: My wife Lisa's awesome cooking.
Fun Fact: Embarrassingly, I'm 6'4" and totally suck at basketball.

​Jason’s climbing style is not exactly gentle, but if you need someone to clean your route or check for loose holds, he just might be your guy. He’s a lousy boulderer, but a great spotter. Limited patience for a project, but endless passion for an adventure. His fingers are too big for the little holds and thin cracks, but give him a pair of ice axes and watch gravity cease to exist. Jason’s wife Lisa (is darn cute and) has a fondness for desert cracks. Their son Zane is hoping to join the circus. You may have in fact seen or met this motley crew roaming the SouthWest or at some of the climbing festivals they frequently attend, compete at, and teach clinics for.

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