Lilla Molnar

Hometown: Canmore, Alberta
Current Transportation: Toyota Matrix or VW Eurovan
Core Activities: Rock climbing, alpine climbing, ice climbing, skiing
Non-Core Activities: Mountain biking
Sponsors: Outdoor Research
Favorite Places: Bugaboos, Squamish, Kootenays, any remote European mountain village
My Jam Is: Whatever my 1-year-old chooses to groove to off my IPhone
I Eat Lots Of: Ice cream
Fun Fact: I am fluent in Hungarian.

A diehard multitasker, Lilla Molnar rarely sits still, which is a benefit to her both professionally and personally: She is an IFMGA Mountain Guide and the mother of baby Ella. Recently she was one of six members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides selected as an Outstanding Contemporary Member, an award given as part of the association’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Alpine starts are currently about baby Ella and making sure she has a belly full of milk but, since Ella’s birth in April, Lilla has completed a full rock climbing season, travelled to four countries and logged many miles in her beloved VW van with Ella and her husband and fellow mountain guide, Marc Piché, in tow. As well as mothering Ella and teaching her three languages, Lilla’s hectic winter schedule includes ski and ice guiding and more travel.

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