Tom Murphy

Hometown: Leavenworth, WA
Current Transportation: 1995 PreviaCore
Core Activities: Skiing, ski-mountaineering, sea kayaking
Non-Core Activities: Mod-teching, coffee, photography
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Deuter, Outdoor Odysseys Sea Kayaking, Boudreaux Cellars
Favorite Places: Neacola Range, Alta, UT, San Juan Island, anywhere with the Boyz
My Jam Is: Trampled by Turtles
I Eat Lots Of: Home-cooked meals
Fun Fact: When I lived in Jackson I worked as a Nanny (er...Manny).

Tom Murphy has been climbing, skiing and climbing to ski for about a decade. “There really is no reason to ever walk down hill on snow…ever,” he says. His love affair with sliding downhill began with family vacations at the age of three. Fresh out of college this “love affair” became full blown satyriasis with a seven-hundred-inch year at Alta, a season only cut slightly short by a shattered femur. Now having lived and worked in some of North America’s best ski regions, Tom has posted up in Leavenworth, Washington. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t send dispatches from AK, BC and the centers of the storm… wherever that may be. Tom enjoys high fives, uses coffee recreationally, and appreciates sharing tents and skiing deep snow with good friends in the high mountains.

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