Warren Macdonald

Hometown: Canmore, AB
Current Transportation: 2008 Subaru Outback
Core Activities: Rock climbing, ice climbing, kayaking
Non-Core Activities: Coffee
Sponsors: Outdoor Research
Favorite Places: Tasmania's Tarkine & Southwest, Canadian Rockies
My Jam Is: Angus and Julia Stone
I Eat Lots Of: The ice cubes in my drink.
Fun Fact: Getting around without legs is really not that big of a deal...

Warren Macdonald loves coffee. And dark beer. And firing up the barbie. He’s done some climbing, a bit of kayaking, and some skiing. He spent a couple of days under a rock back in 1997, coming out of that misadventure two feet shorter (both literally and in height). That’s when things got interesting. Just ten months later, he climbed Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain using a modified wheelchair and the seat of his pants. In the years following Warren has made ascents of Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro (via the Umbwe route), The Weeping Wall (central pillar route) in the Canadian Rockies, and El Capitan (Tangerine Trip).


Warren’s first book, “A Test of Will” is an Australian and Canadian best seller. He’s been featured on the Discovery Channel’s unfortunately named series “I Shouldn’t be Alive” and appeared on Oprah and Larry King Live. In 2000 he received the “Spirit of Adventure” award from Australian Geographic, and in 2007 the “Star of Hope” award from The Colombian Centre for Integrated Rehabilitation. Warren lives in Canmore, Alberta, with his partner Margo Talbot.

Cardinal rule of the wilderness: Don’t panic

Wet exiting a kayak is hard enough. Try it with prosthetic legs. [Read More]

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