Outdoor Research Employee Favorites

Because Outdoor Research employees use our products on a daily basis, we get the inside track on the sure-thing bestsellers, along with some standouts that might slip under the radar.

To let you know which media darlings live up to the hype and which sleepers also deserve the kudos of their better-known siblings, we polled a handful of Outdoor Research employees and asked them to identify their favorites.

Obviously, they took this exercise incredibly seriously.

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Name: Sarah Amrhein

Job Title: Sales Manager - Direct Sales

Time at OR: Six years

Favorite Product: Floodlight Jacket

Finally, a totally waterproof down coat! I wear down year round because, like a lot of women, I’m cold all the time. This is the perfect piece for Pacific Northwest winters. I use it for cold, wet days around town as well as in the backcountry for any and all weather conditions. It’s super compressible and extremely warm thanks to its 800+ fill down. Dry and toasty—what more can a girl ask for?

Name: Boe Zinter

Job Title: Website Content Coordinator

Time at OR: Six years

Favorite Product: Halogen Hoody

The Halogen Hoody is the most versatile top I own. Last year, I heard we were making a lightweight, breathable, hybrid-insulted layer, and I knew I had to have it. I mostly wear it as an outer layer, but it’s thin enough to be worn under a shell. The stretch panels under the arms are perfect for stretch and breathability. It is my go-to piece for aerobic accents or just a walk to the coffee shop.

Name: Alison Boscolo

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Time at OR: Five-and-a-half years

Favorite Product: Decibelle Jacket

The Decibelle is my favorite jacket because it’s functional, fashionable and super comfortable—the three essentials I look for in an outerwear piece. I really like the flattering fit, the classic styling, the modern plaid print and the ease of the zip closure with storm flap—very effective.

Name: Jeremy Park

Job Title: Assistant Retail Store Manager

Time at OR: Seven years

Favorite Product: Filament Pullover

Pullovers are a polarizing piece—you either love ‘em or you hate ’em. Personally, I’d never been a huge fan of pullovers, but the Filament is so compressible, light and warm I couldn’t resist. I love using it as my primary insulating layer on fast-and-light climbing trips during the spring, summer and fall months, or as a lightweight layering piece during the winter while lift skiing.

Name: Ammi Borenstein

Job Title: Director of Product – Accessories

Time at OR: Nine-and-a-half years

Favorite Product: Stormtracker Gloves

I love the StormTracker Gloves since they’re the best multi-purpose glove on the market. There’s nothing else that comes close. They excel at backcountry skiing or backpacking where tactility and dexterity are required but conditions are wet and cold. The blend of GORE WINDSTOPPER, a leather palm and brushed tricot lining keeps the elements out. The articulated fingers and slim profile ensure that they…fit like a glove. I never head out into the backcountry without a pair of StormTracker Gloves in my pack.

Name: Lauren O’Connell-Fujii

Job Title: Retail Store Manager

Time at OR: Four years

Favorite Product: Breva Parka

The PrimaLoft insulation of the Breva traps heat better than some down jackets I’ve owned, plus my experience with this insulation in other products is that it remains lofty throughout its lifetime, so there aren’t any cold spots where the insulation bunches up or falls apart over time. The Breva is soft and quiet and it moves without resistance. I like the color of mine, Pewter/Desert Sunrise, because of the brightness of the liner. The length is great for really cold days, and another great feature is the zippered, fleece-lined pockets. They’re toasty and secure!

Name: Jaeger Shaw

Job Title: Grassroots Social Media Coordinator

Time at OR: One-and-a-half years

Favorite Product: Incandescent Hoody

The Incandescent is twice as warm as the traditional down hoody, at the cost of only two extra ounces. By upgrading to an ultralight parka, it becomes very easy to cut weight out of your pack. Ditch the extra fleece (-1lb). Be willing to sleep in your puffy and bring a lighter sleeping bag (-1lb). And just like that, your pack weighs two pounds less. Simple and extremely efficient.

Name: Lauren Taylor

Job Title: Design Engineer - Gloves

Time at OR: Two years

Favorite Product: Haystack Wristwarmers

With all the exciting innovational gloves I work on daily, I found myself yearning for something… simple. I have gotten used to performance technology being the name of the glove game: waterproof, windproof, insulated, etc.  When OR designer and surf junkie Jen Thorpe thought up the high-pile fleece lined Haystack Wristwarmer, my wish came to fruition. Finally, the ladies have a cozy lifestyle piece! I sport these bad-boys around the office, the campfire, and even fishing during the chilly autumn days here in Seattle. Do your hands and wrists a favor and get a pair!

Name: Brad Cory

Job Title: Dealer Account Specialist

Time at OR: One year

Favorite Product: Ferrosi Hoody

The Ferrosi Hoody is my favorite OR piece because of its versatility. The soft shell material is incredibly breathable, while still effectively cutting the wind. I personally rely on this piece the most while ski touring. I tend to run hot while on the uphill, and it has always been difficult for me to properly regulate my body temperature. The breathability of the Ferrosi material allows my body to dump heat generated during big climbs, while making sure I always have a layer between my skin and the elements. Paired with a puffy and a shell, I am ready for just about anything a day in the backcountry throws my way.

Name: Nanette Girzi

Job Title: Inventory Planner

Time at OR: Six-and-a-half years

Favorite Product: Puebla Beanie

The Puebla Beanie is awesome. It looks cool, keeps my head warm and dry, and I can wear it in town or on the slopes. I keep it in my around-town backpack in the fall and winter as my go to hat for those chilly, wet days in Seattle. I also bring it in my ski pack and wear it on the slopes… and at the après-ski festivities. The fabric feels soft and comfy, and because it’s part wool, when it gets damp it still keeps me warm. Overall, I think the Puebla Beanie rocks!

Name: Schuyler Schuster

Job Title: Dealer Services Rep

Time at OR: Five months

Favorite Product: Pelmo Sweater

As the owner of quite a few zip-neck sweaters, the Pelmo has quickly become my favorite. While other sweaters are too tight or itchy when zipped up, the Pelmo has a perfect fit, and the fleeced lining in the neck gives it just the right cozy feel. I love how this sweater is just the right weight to keep me warm while still being sleek enough to layer comfortably under a jacket. I use the arm pocket to carry treats and bags for my dog when we go for walks on chilly mornings.

Name: Meghan Martens

Job Title: Product Manager - Gloves

Time at OR: Two-and-a-half years

Favorite Product: Stormbound Mitts

I love the Stormbound Mitts because they’re sleeping bags for my hands! I like how these mitts keep the fingers separated within the waterproof outer, allowing for better dexterity. The leather palm is durable enough for seasons and seasons or snowboarding, and the mix of PrimaLoft and down insulation always keeps my hands toasty and dry. These are definitely my go-to mitts for chilly days on the hill.

Name: Ken Meidell

Job Title: President and COO

Time at OR: Two months

Favorite Product: Hooverville Hoody

Deceptively stylish, perfect for fall nights around the fire and close-to-home outdoor activities. First thing I reach for when I’m headed to any beach in the PNW to relax with family & friends and crack a cold one.

Name: Lisa Patrick

Job Title: Dealer Services Lead

Time at OR: Three-and-a-half years

Favorite Product: Helium II Jacket

The Helium II Jacket is my favorite go-to OR piece. It’s at home on backpacking, climbing and camping trips, and is perfect for throwing into a backpack for a quick bike ride, a getaway weekend or a night on the town (think small purse) in anticipation of a flash rainstorm or a good ol’ Seattle misting. I love the lightweight packability and versatility of the Helium II Jacket, and I carry it pretty much wherever I go.