Skiing & Snowboarding

Itching for some ski mountaineering? Here's inspiration fresh from the mountains.

FEATURE: Speed + Heart = Dorais

Andy and Jason Dorais are full-on family and career men with a full-on mountain habit—and they're probably faster than you. [Read More]

Photos: Dream Of Skiing The Dolomites?

IFMGA/American Mountain Guides Margaret Wheeler and Matt Farmer guide this life-list Italian ski tour. [Read More]

VIDEO and PHOTOS: A European’s First Alaska Ski Trip

European skier Jonas Blum brings fresh stoke to the Chugach—and finds sick lines. [Read More]

Jedi Mind Tricks

OR athlete Shingo Ohkawa finds a new way to balance after a head injury [Read More]

How To Not Lose Things—And Avoid Overweight Fees—When Packing For A Ski Trip

Skis, climbing gear and camping stuff can add up to one giant mess. Here's how to keep it neat—and avoid $800 in excess fees. [Read More]

Old-School Spring Ski Touring From Chamonix To Zermatt

The huts and technology have evolved since the original Haute Route, but the fun remains the same. [Read More]

Skiing The Teton Trifecta

Andy Dorais finally skis the Grand, Middle and South Tetons, after years of envy. [Read More]

Video: Snowboarding From The Top Of Hayden Peak

Neil and Ian Provo team up to ride a possible first descent from the top of the iconic peak in Utah's Uintas. [Read More]