Polartec® Wind Pro®

A soft, breathable, exceptionally water-repellent fabric with four times the wind resistance of conventional fleece. Polartec® Wind Pro® fabrics are extremely breathable yet provide four times more wind resistance than traditional fleece. This "super fleece" spans an incredibly wide range of conditions, performs as both outerwear and insulation, and offers exceptional durability. A versatile fabric, Polartec® Wind Pro® can be worn all year long for a variety of activities. Outdoor Research uses Polartec® Wind Pro® in select handwear and headwear products, where wind resistance is of crucial importance.

-          How does it work?

The use of proprietary yarns and a very tight construction greatly reduce the effects of wind chill, the Achilles heel of traditional fleece. We have proven our construction effective both in the lab and in the field, and we have discovered Polartec® Wind Pro® blocks the wind four times more efficiently than traditional fleece. The durable water repellent outer surface sheds rain and snow and the velour or pebbled back efficiently traps air and provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio. Both surfaces of these fabrics are finished for maximum durability and pill-free performance, and they retain their insulating ability and original appearance after repeated use and laundering. Because it is not a laminate, Polartec® Wind Pro® is also highly breathable, maintaining 85% of the breathability of traditional fleece to keep you from overheating.


-          Technical Highlights:

* Four times more wind resistant than traditional fleece - greatly reduces wind chill

* Provides warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics

* Water repellent surface sheds rain and snow

* Highly breathable; provides comfort in all activities - does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor

* Durable - will outlast other fleece fabrics

* Machine washable

* Versatile - appropriate for a broad range of activities