Frostline Hat™

Artikelnr. 82045OR

Der Frostline Hat wurde speziell für extreme Wetterbedingungen entwickelt, um vor allem im Winter maximalen Schutz zu bieten. Das wasserabstoßende, extrem leichte 30D Pertex® Endurance Material wehrt alle Wettereinflüsse ab, während der Posh Pile™ Fleece eine warme und Feuchtigkeit regulierende Isolierung bietet. Eine herauszipbare Gesichtsmaske und Ohrenschützer mit Fleece bieten individuell anpassbaren Schutz vor Wind und Schnee. Der Schaumstoffschild kann zur Erweiterung des Sichtfeldes nach oben geklappt werden.






  • Wasserdicht
  • Windabweisend
  • Atmungsaktiv
  • Feuchtigkeit transportierend
  • Ohrenschützer
  • Ausklappbare Gesichtsmaske
  • Kunsttoffverstärkter Schild
  • Schild kann hochgeklappt und mit Magneten an Kopfteil fixiert werden
  • Externe Verstellkordel


Fabric: Pertex® Endurance, 100% nylon 30D // Posh Pile™ fleece lining 100% polyester // Zip-out Thermodynamic ™ 63% nylon, 23% polyester, 14% spandex single jersey face mask, zip pocket for easy storage

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 3.4oz / 97g (L)


Warm, Functional, Lightweight and Packable (Review by @John.Nolen)

To begin, make sure you order a size larger than you think you need. In order for this hat to serve it's purpose, it doesn't need room to breathe. I order a large and normally wear a medium in everything: hats, pants, shirts, gloves, etc.

The flip down ear flaps are great! They are accessible when you need them and you can velcro them up top when you warm up. The face guard is also a nice feature. I have yet to use it, however, so I can't attest to it's functionality, but it does fit over my face well.

The only thing I don't like is the velcro design on the ear flaps. It sticks to my jacket and anything else it touches when the flaps are down. I suppose I'd rather have sticky velcro than the alternative, but that's just my two cents.

All around, great hat. A few improvements could be made, but I would recommend it to a friend and any outdoor enthusiast that enjoys winter sports. I like this hat most when skinning up the trail. It's a great hat to keep warm but also to block the sun if need be (the visor flips down enough to shade your eyes from the bright sun)!


(Am 05.01.16 gepostet)

Very good hat (Review by Zim)

This is a well made hat that could be worn down to subzero temperatures. The mask is surprisingly warm, and provides solid protection against the wind, while the rest of the hat does an outstanding job. Overall I've been very satisfied with the hat and it is one of the there hats in my winter rotation. Oh yah, I have a big head and it fits well. I think most people in cold conditions will be satisfied with this hat in most types of winter weather.

(Am 15.09.14 gepostet)

It's my dream hat (Review by andy)

I bought this hat at some other site and it was on sale for $30.00. I picked the black colored one and I received compliments from it. Not only is it good-looking, I like the endurance of it too. It keeps me warm, it's light, and it's easy to manage. The fur in the inside is incredibly soft as well; probably softer than a puppy. Overall, it was a $30 well spent.

(Am 20.03.14 gepostet)

Good hat, needs improvement (Review by Mvporto)

I received this hat last year for Christmas ('12). It was something I had researched ahead of time and had requested specifically. It is a great hat. It stops the wind, keeps my ears warm, repels moisture, has an excellent facemask (could be a little bigger), and is lightweight. I think this is a great hat. But, I have to give it 2 stars because the velcro that keeps the hat closed under your chin is worthless. It started to not hold only after a few weeks of usage, and now, a year later, it wont stay in place if there is a strong wind. I have a number of OR products and I am very satisfied with them, but this one isnt worth the $$ unless they change the velcro or put a snap on the strap.

(Am 30.12.13 gepostet)

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