Lingo Beanie™

Artikelnr. 86140OR

Dünne Mütze ohne Schnickschnack aus 100% Merinowolle mit großem OR-Logo.






  • Helm-kompatibel
  • Feuchtigkeit transportierend
  • Atmungsaktiv


Fabric: 100% merino wool

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 1.4oz / 41g (One Size)


My Favorite Beanie (Review by Richard)

This is my go-to beanie. I love its thin, low profile because I can wear it under a helmet for biking in cold weather. I've also used it for hiking, backpacking, camping, and snowshoeing. It find it keeps me warm enough unless it's very cold or windy, in which case I've had to switch to a heavier beanie. But it's so light and versatile that this one always comes with me whenever I need a hat.

(Am 10.01.16 gepostet)

Versatile hat!! (Review by Carl)

I love this hat. It is extremely lightweight and great quality merino. When I am outdoors the last thing I want is a hat that becomes so hot that I can't stand wearing it. This cap is perfect for trail running in the late fall through early spring. It works great as a base layer under a helmet. And i am finding more and more that I use this hat around town.

One more thing - my wife washed and dried it and I just assumed that it was toast. But it actually stretched out to the original shape just fine. Can't recommend this highly enough!

(Am 08.11.15 gepostet)

Good product... (Review by Sertrek)

I bought this product because is 100 %
merino wool, the first time that wore this I was a little concern about keep my head and ears warm, because the beanie is very thin.
A couple days ago here in Chicago we had a temperature -40
and the beanie did the job very well together with a neck gaiter.
Easy to wear, easy to put in your packet or inside your jacket.

Good product and choice to be part of your baselayer....

(Am 08.01.14 gepostet)

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