Women's Cirque Pants™

Artikelnr. 96410OR

Die Cirque Pants™ ist eine robuste, technische Softshellhose für anspruchsvolle Kletterpartien und Skitouren. Der hoch atmungsaktive, wind- und wasserdichte, doppelt gewebte Stretchstoff beweist sich besonders bei schlechten Wetterbedingungen. Dazu kommt die Oberschenkeltasche mit Reißverschluss, die immer bequemen Zugriff auf Energieriegel und Karte gewährleistet.
Trim Fit






  • Wasserdicht
  • Windabweisend
  • Atmungsaktiv
  • Robust
  • Den Körperbewegungen folgendes Stretchmaterial
  • Gürtelschlaufen
  • Eingriff mit Knopf und RV
  • Tiefer Bund passt unter Klettergurt
  • Reißverschlusstaschen
  • Zwickel im Schritt
  • Vorgeformte Knie
  • Verstärkte Innenseite unten am Hosenbein
  • Durchführung für Ristschnürung
  • Schnürsenkelhaken
  • DWR-beschichtete Reißverschlüsse


Fit: Trim Paßform

Fabric: 50% nylon, 43% polyester, 7% spandex 90D stretch double weave

INSEAM: 32” / 81 cm (M)

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 19.5oz / 551g (M)


Another great product! If only I could choose my inseam... (Review by sunshine)

I usually have a hard time finding pants that fit (as we all do I'm sure). I am 5'4" tall and 145 lbs. I have relatively bigger thighs and bottom, so often pants are tight in those places but too large around my waist. However OR pants generally fit me great. The size 6 in the voodoo pants is perfect, and I fall right between a Small and Medium in the Cirques. However, with the adjustable waist belt snugged up a bit the Mediums are perfect. Except... they are definitely way too long. I usually a 30" inseam, so I didn't think the 30.5" inseam on these (according to their size chart) would be too bad. However, because of the stiff scuff guard at the bottom, they bunch up quite a lot around my lower shin. Enough so that I am concerned about walking with crampons on. I am hoping it will help as they soften up a bit over time, but right now (new) they look and feel weird around my lower leg. I even tried them on with ski boots and mountaineering boots and the added height didn't help much.
I bought these pants to have something warmer than the voodoo weight softshells, so I was a bit disappointed that they feel pretty thin. However, my boyfriend has had these pants for a few months and wore them a lot ski touring and ski mountaineering, and said he was surprised at how warm they are. Probably because they block the wind pretty well.
Overall, I think they are great pants and am excited to have them. I love that all the pockets zip, the adjustable waist, the horizontal thigh pocket (the men's version zips vertically which causes some problems when putting in/taking out items), the bomber scuff guard, and overall comfort and attention to stitching details to allow freedom of movement.

(Am 13.05.15 gepostet)

Finally! (Review by Tan)

I've had these pants for over two and a half years now, they're in great shape and I still love them. I looked everywhere and tried on a dozen soft-shell pants to find a pair that had a nice fit and thoughtful functions. I'm a petite active woman with a small waist so it was nearly impossible to find my fit/size. The velcro waistband makes the fit perfect. The pants are quite flattering and very comfortable - I was dry/warm/cool as needed. So far, I've used them for skiing, fall/winter hikes in the Pacific Northwest and multiday treks in the Andes. Easy to add a layer underneath. The zippered bottom is great so I can fit it over my ski boots and I like the little bootlace hooks for my hiking boots. I really like the side thigh pocket! It is so accessible and I keep my maps or anything else I need to access often or quickly. Try these pants, I think you'll really enjoy them.

(Am 18.09.14 gepostet)

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