Storage Systems

Storage Systems

  • Sensor Command Deck Bag™
    • Lemongrass/Charcoal

    Sensor Command Deck Bag™

    MSRP: CHF159.00

    Not yet rated

  • Drycomp Ridge Sack™
    • Hydro/Charcoal

    Drycomp Ridge Sack™

    MSRP: CHF139.00
  • Drycomp Summit Sack™
    • Pewter/Lemongrass

    Drycomp Summit Sack™

    MSRP: CHF79.00
  • Sensor Dry Holster™
    • Pewter
    • Hydro

    Sensor Dry Holster™

    MSRP: CHF69.00

    Not yet rated

  • Dry Peak Bagger™
    • Supernova/Ember

    Dry Peak Bagger™

    MSRP: CHF70.00
  • Dry Synthetic Backpackers Kit™
    • Assorted

    Dry Synthetic Backpackers Kit™

    MSRP: CHF64.00

    Not yet rated

  • Dry Down Backpackers Kit™
    • Assorted

    Dry Down Backpackers Kit™

    MSRP: CHF59.00

    Not yet rated

  • Dry Ditty Sacks™ (Set of Three)
    • Assorted

    Dry Ditty Sacks™ (Set of Three)

    MSRP: CHF30.00

    Not yet rated