Pertex® Endurance

This water-resistant, windproof, vapor permeable shell keeps the elements out while allowing internal moisture to escape. Lightweight and extremely compressible, Outdoor Research uses Pertex® Endurance fabric in select insulating and technical apparel, headwear and shelter systems.

-          Main Properties

* 100% windproof

* 1000mm water column, highly water resistant

* Very breathable, also at low temperatures


-          Used In

* High performance sleeping bags

* Expedition apparel

* Down jackets


-          What is it?

Pertex® Endurance technology incorporates an ultra-thin membrane with a durable nylon face fabric. This layer is so thin that it hardly adds any weight, nor does it considerably affect the softness of the material.

-          How Does it Work?

One thing we learned from sleeping outside is that your bag tends to get wet. Pertex® Endurance fabrics have one main objective - to provide maximum protection from moisture. This works in two ways ways:

* Pertex® Endurance keeps water, snow and wind out

* Pertex® Endurance allows moisture to pass freely from the inside. This keeps your bag dry from condensation.

Endurance technology is an ultra-light monolithic (solid) membrane applied to a durable nylon face fabric. The membrane contains a matrix of hydrophilic molecules, these ‘water liking’ molecules create pathways along which moisture can readily diffuse into the atmosphere. The outer surface of the fabric is treated with a water repellent finish to prevent water being absorbed into the nylon fabric. Endurance works by allowing the water vapor produced by the body to diffuse freely to the outside atmosphere. At the same time, light rain or snow cannot penetrate the outer shell, therefore the insulation remains drier and more efficient.

-          Is it Waterproof?

We don't classify Pertex® Endurance as waterproof. It achieves a water column of > 1000mm. However it depends on the application if the final product is claimed as waterproof. Sleeping bags with taped seams are claimed as waterproof, sleeping bags with open seams are not.


-          Pertex Endurance Increases Thermal Efficiency

The thermal efficiency of down and synthetic insulation reduces significantly when exposed to moisture. Pertex® Endurance keeps moisture out over extended periods ensuring the down filling is totally dry and fully efficient. Compared to other shell fabric Pertex® Endurance is 100% windproof. This property increase the thermal efficiency of the sleeping bag - warm air can’t escape, it remains trapped inside the bag. Pertex® Endurance can increase the thermal efficiency of a sleeping bag by up 10ºF/5ºC.


-          How Does it Benefit the User?

Pertex® Endurance makes your sleeping bag warmer and dryer while maintaining a low weight and excellent packability.


-          How do I Wash it?

* Machine or hand wash at 40ºC (104ºF)

* Use a synthetic setting and mild soap

* Avoid fabric softeners

* Rinse well in cold water

* Cool tumble dry