Seattle Sombrero

Style# 82130OR

Testé contre les pluies les plus diluviennes au monde, le "Sea Somb" est un classique pour les jours de pluie et a été primé par Backpacker® Magazine. L'extérieur offre une protection imperméable optimale et la doublure brossée élimine la transpiration. Le bord façonné détourne la pluie du visage, en cas de mousson, par exemple.


Desert Sunrise/Dark Grey
Glacier/Dark Grey
Lemongrass/Dark Grey
Orchid/Dark Grey
Redwood/Dark Grey
Yellow/Dark Grey




  • Lauréate 2005 du prix "Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice"
  • Imperméable
  • Respirante
  • Évacue l'humidité
  • Coutures soudées
  • Renforts de flottaison en mousse pour les bordures
  • Doublure en maille brossée
  • Réglage par lanière Cinch-Band™ à l'intérieur
  • Le bord est fixé à la coiffe par des attaches velcro
  • Cordon de serrage menton amovible


Fabric: GORE-TEX® 3L, 100% nylon, 70D plain weave crown // 100% nylon, 70D plain weave with PU coating brim // 100% polyester, tricot lining

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 3.2oz / 91g (L)

Avis du client

Great for tropics (Review by SOLO medic)

can't beat this hat. has everything you need in a tropical I do a lot of work on my knees as a medic in the wilderness and this catches sweat and blocks sun and never had a rain get to my head. Bombproof.

(Posté le 04/07/15)

Stayed Dry during a deluge (Review by Bestbuilder)

I have seen these on many other people and decided to try on out. Shortly after my purchase I had a 8 mile hike planned and the weather forecast was for 1 to 2 inches of rain. I thought this a good time to test the Sombrero. A tough 8 mile hike while wearing a Goretex hooded jacket would cause anyone to get wet inside or out. Everyone else in the group were tightly bundled up with their Goretex hoods cinched down tight and I had on my Sombrero, my head and neck open to the air.
The first 1/2 mile had 2000 ft elevation gain and everyone other than me were sweating and wet on the insides of their hooded jackets. No me, I was venting heat just fine in my new hat. It kept all rain off my head , face and neck.
All in all a great hat.

(Posté le 18/03/15)

Not a do everything hat, but pretty close! (Review by Aaron)

I bought this for the afternoon monsoons in the southern rockies during the summer when I'm backpacking. It works amazing when it's raining and the fleece lining is fabulous in the cool mornings. However, the fleece lining makes it nearly unbearable to wear when it's hot out (but that isn't the weather it was made for either). If you live where it's cool and rainy on a regular basis you would be silly not to own one!

(Posté le 11/12/14)

I hate hats. But.... (Review by LiquidLiquid)

Can't usually stand wearing a hat. However, I am an outdoor instructor and need sun protection, with all-elements protection for my stunning, he-man hairdo. After using ratty free lids, then going for higher-tech caps, I decided to give this a try.

I could not be happier with the hat. Unknown to me, there is a hidden adjuster inside the brim that compensates for hair volume and skull swelling in hot conditions. The thing wicks moisture away from underneath, and the outer fabric is totally waterproof. It smashes into a day hatch or pack and comes out looking fine. The under-brim area is non-reflective and makes working on the water, in high-sun, easier on the eyes.
the retainer cord stashes up inside when not needed, and can be untied easily. Just wish this was made as a surfing hat also with a heavy chin strap, but I am content, finally finding a lid I can live with.

(Posté le 22/09/14)

Does keep head/face dry (Review by Marcus)

This hat is perfect for the Pacific North West. It rains a lot here and is usually not that windy/cold. If you are looking for a hat that will keep you dry then this is a good option for you. Personally though I have found that once the wind picks up or the temperature starts to drop, this had no longer does me any good. It, by design, just doesn't provide much warmth and has a rather flimsy brim that will flap in the wind. Its a good hat for wearing around town, but once taken into the wilderness I find it to be more of a novelty then a necessity.

(Posté le 16/05/14)

A wonderful paddling companion (Review by This Hat Rocks!)

I recently took this hat on a kayaking trip to New Zealand. It packed great and did a phenomenal job shielding some intense rays and making it possible to see where I was paddling in sheets of rain. I loved the Velcro option for the intermittent sunshine to give me better peripheral vision on the water. This is quite possibly one of my favorite paddling companions. I don't care too much about appearances on the water, but it is pretty cute!

(Posté le 27/03/14)

The Best Hat Ever (Review by RTUT)

I am willing to pay good money for a good hat. I am a boater and hiker and those hobbies demand a good hat. Well, because of the Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero, the Tilly hats are relegated to the back of the closet. The Gore Tex, the warm inner lining, the ability to change the style of the hat with the velcro tabs for the brim, the chin strap for a windy day, it is just a plain awesome hat. You can scrunch it up and it returns to a great looking hat. I liked mine SO much I bought one for my wife and she does not go out without it.

(Posté le 15/02/14)

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