Sun Runner Cap™

Style# 80610OR

Ce chapeau de soleil polyvalent est doté d’un protège-nuque ajustable et amovible qui protège votre tête et votre nuque des rayons intenses du soleil et que vous pouvez retirer lorsque vous voulez l’utiliser comme une simple casquette. Le tissu léger fournit un indice de protection solaire UPF 30 et les panneaux latéraux, en filet, permettent à l’air de circuler des deux côtés de votre tête.


Desert Sunrise




  • Indice de protection solaire UPF 30+
  • Respirant
  • Léger
  • Qui évacue efficacement l'humidité
  • Bord avec renforçage en plastique
  • Bandeau serre-tête TransAction™ qui évacue efficacement l'humidité
  • Protège-nuque de soleil avec fixation à pression
  • Cordon de serrage menton amovible
  • Configurations variables pour différents niveaux de protection
  • Réglage par lanière exterieure
  • Panneaux en filet respirant
  • Structure SolarShield™ protectrice


Fabric 100% Supplex® nylon

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 2.8oz / 79g (L)

Avis du client

Perfect! (Review by Tgrabs)

Bought this for a 2 week trip to the Virgin Islands this past spring and for kayak trips under the summer sun. Haven't used it yet for kayak trips but I expect it to perform as well as it did hiking in the hot sun of the Caribbean. Often I used just the hat with the sun shade in my pocket. The sun shade packs down super small so I had no problem bringing it along even if I wasn't sure I would use it. On really sunny days I attached it quick and easy-like to the hat and protected my ears and neck from the pounding sun. The hat is nice and breathable and even somewhat stylish!

(Posté le 21/06/14)

A hat, you say? (Review by Jim)

I am a self-professed gear freak. I own every commercially available brand of high-end outdoor gear, (except Mammut, and I'm still shopping for the perfect Mammut piece), and I have a lot of great kit. And I use it all. But I can say unequivocally, that this OR hat is the most versatile piece of gear I own. Rain or shine, hot or cold, with or without the Pharaoh neck attachment, it is literally the only piece of gear I own, that I use every single day. And I have done this for 5 years without the slightest problem. This is more than just a hat. It is protection for the part of my body that is exposed more than any other - my face. It works.

(Posté le 22/04/14)

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