Overlord Gloves

Style# 70150OR

A technical weapons-handling glove designed for patroling and combat, the Overlord Gloves™ are flame resistant and highly dexterous.


Foliage Green




Technical weapons-handling gloves.


Avg. Weight (oz./g): 2.9oz / 82g (L)

Customer Reviews

Overlord Gloves (Review by By Matt the Mechanic)

I bought these after wearing the Overlord Shorties in Afghanistan. They performed well so I thought I would give these a try and I was not disappointed. As an aircraft engine mechanic, these gloves have been great. They are perfect for my walk-around inspections as well as running engines on the flight station. The leather isn't too thick that it makes the gloves impossible to feel through, yet thick enough for decent protection from from the elements and hot air/ heat from an engine, especially with the fire resistant material. Outside of work, I use these as a tactical firearms enthusiast. Handling firearms has never been an issue with these gloves as I am still able to manipulate the controls on all of my weapons without any loss of feel. The black leather was a nice touch as it doesn't show the filth and grime nearly as much as the solid tan does. They breath well despite the fact that the hands will sweat in the heat because of the leather. Overall, I will purchase these as my other pairs wear out and as long as they are offered. A great pair of gloves and made in the U.S.A.

(Posted on 1/5/11)

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