Overlord Short Gloves

Style# 70152OR

A technical weapons-handling glove designed for patroling and combat, the Overlord Gloves™ are flame resistant and highly dexterous.


Foliage Green




Avg. Weight (oz./g): 2.7oz / 77g (L)

Customer Reviews

5 years, multiple tours, still kicking (Review by Elliott)

I have had a pair of these gloves since late 2009 and used them in three tours in Afghanistan, tactical training at home, and some other places around the world. These gloves have held up well. Mine are cosmetically rough, but still get the job done. I operate a lot of radio equipment and I have never had a glove before or since that has had the dexterity I have with these. I almost never have to take them off to repair or otherwise manipulate even the smallest piece of gear or equipment.

(Posted on 10/11/14)

Amazing product (Review by MD)

I have been using the Overlord gloves for a couple of years now. I'm actually on my 4th pair... Design, function, finish, dexterity, tactile response... Way to go OR! If you are an operator in any sort of tactical function where weapon manipulation is part of your life, get your hands into a pair of these! The only con is that the price is definitely steep (especially if your organization won't compensate).

(Posted on 12/14/13)

Overlord Short Gloves (Review by By Supafly Rob)

I got these issued to me and at first, was skeptical due to the tight fit and price. However, I found that the tight fit is necessary for anatomical comfort and dexterity. The dexterity made trigger pulls, switches, and any sort of gripping feel natural. No loss of sensation due to very little bulkiness. The leather retained its suppleness regardless of how much I sweat in them. Most leather gloves become rough and lose their texture. The build quality is excellent and I did not see any loose seams, tears, or frays in the three weeks I used them. I will definitely buy them with next year's uniform allowance.

(Posted on 7/13/11)

Overlord Short Gloves (Review by By AFSOF Supply)

The grip pull loops are great when putting on this anatomically correct glove. With these you can also use a clamp to hang them on your mollie gear off you body armor if you do not wish to wear them. Great tactical glove!

(Posted on 2/27/11)

Overlord Short Gloves (Review by By Capt P)

I've used nearly every other tactical glove available and these are far and away the best. They are a little tight to get into, but that is because they are anatomically shaped, which provides incredible dexterity. These gloves can be worn while loading magazines, and doing all forms of weapon manipulation, to include disassembly. They also don't get as hot as many similar gloves, and seem to be made of thinner and more comfortable material. Initially I had durability concerns, but I haven't had any issues and have used them extensively.

(Posted on 1/4/11)

Overlord Short Gloves (Review by By CPT H)

These are hands down the best tactical gloves I have ever worn. I have tried other authorized gloves and these are the best. They have outlasted every other pair of gloves brought by my platoon to afghanistan 6 months ago. I got these gloves as a demo and I love them. For the thickness they are very durable, they are thin, and have a loop to clip onto when not worn. Things that I didn't like. The material shows dirt instantly and they are impossible to keep clean, the first part of them to tear was the palm(the stiching needs reenforced there) They also get very hard after they dry from getting wet. The other things I didn't mind, but others did was that the glove has a natural curve in it when worn that takes some getting used to. However, for all the complaints they are still the best authorized glove on the market. I am writing this review because I am online to buy a second pair.

(Posted on 12/9/10)

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