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With a sleek, Ninja-worthy design, this unique balaclava provides serious protection on cold alpine days. The smooth-faced fabric features a warm, cozy brushed interior, and the overlapping design covers everything but the eyes and can be easily peeled open when high-mountain exertion causes heat to build.






  • Breathable
  • Wicking
  • Flat-Seam Construction
  • Hood Hinges Back to Vent Excess Heat
  • Silicone Prints Hold Goggles in Place


Fabric: 54% nylon, 41% polyester, 5% spandex brushed face stretch jersey

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 1.8oz / 51g (L/XL)

Customer Reviews

not great (Review by Anne)

Ninja clava kept my head reasonably warm after putting a woolen hat over it. It is a little short in the back of the neck. The worst short coming is that when you pull it up over your mouth and nose your glasses will fog. Why not put a small metal wire just above the nose so you can pinch it like a surgical mask. That will direct the warm breath downward and the glasses do not fog up

(Posted on 12/31/15)

Great for keeping warm (Review by sealkid)

I am often outdoors in the winter and this is my go to balaclava. It is warm and fits just right. Keeps the wind and the cold away from my face. When it is extra cold I usually add a toque on top and then am good to go. Great product to keep the cold away.

(Posted on 11/30/15)

ninjaclava in the Arctic (Review by Canadian Soveriegnity )

I have been spending time in the arctic lately. I purchased the Ninjaclava to keep my face away from cold. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the product. I have been out in windchills below -50c and was well protected.
The only concern was wicking ability. Being outside for more than about 15 min created ice up. Although this did not affect it's protectiveness it made a stink once it dried. Maybe a micro fiber material with antibacterial features will be available in the future.
Either way, a quick hand wash with soap solved this and dried within a half hour.
Kudos OR for the product. A purchase on the whim has made me look forward to your other products.

(Posted on 8/31/15)

Funny Name Good Stuff (Review by Docray)

Yes, the name almost keep me from buying this. I was expecting to get ribbed for a long time, then I put it on this winter and everybody wanted one. It kept me warm, dry and is adjustable enough I didn't overheat on the most taxing movements; or freeze when sitting for hours, even in windy exposed belays (I do use the hood on my jacket).

I recommend getting this if you are on the fence about the name, 'forget about it'.

(Posted on 5/9/14)

Fantastic winter riding piece (Review by Simon)

I'm a year round bike commuter in Madison, WI. I ride my bike about 40 minutes each way five days a week. Temps during January and February are typically in the 20s but sometimes dip beneath zero. The Ninjaclava has been an essential piece of gear for my winter rides. It fits comfortably beneath a helmet and its wind stopper exterior really does keep the cold air out, while the fleece liner is just about perfect for anyone who's active and moving around in the cold. It keeps me warm in the midst of serious winter conditions without being overly hot and sweaty when it warms up a touch. You won't be sweat free if you go on extended trips in this but you won't be soaking either.
The face mask component does a good job of covering up the nose but also stretches down beneath the chin just fine for those not so cold days.
I've used the Ninjaclava for two years for about four months a year five days a week. It's stood up to regular use very well.

In terms of cons, it's a bit tough to wear casually because, well, you look like you're a ninja. And I suppose the sizing isn't perfect for me. I'm 5'11 130, so I cut a narrow figure. The S/M pinches up a bit around my eyes. I guess they could have made the eye opening even narrower, and that would have helped. But that's nit picking. It you're looking for something light weight, packable, wind blocking and warm, a hat that will perform when conditions are rough-this is the balaclava for you.

(Posted on 11/18/13)

Ninjaclava™ (Review by By Timmothy)

At first these fitted kind of awkwardly but after two wearings it fit extremely well. I use them primarily for cycling in winter, about 1-10C. The insulation is decent and reasonably wind proof even when I'm cycling pretty fast. I don't think its water proof but i did wear it through a light drizzle once and it did actually keep my head and face pretty dry. The multiple wear options is a major plus and its very practical.

(Posted on 1/22/11)

Ninjaclava™ (Review by By ajwitkowski)

I wear this while commuting by bicycle during the winter and it works great. Keeps my face and ears warm and solves the problem of breathing in freezing cold air.Because it's so thin and light weight it easily fits underneath a bicycle helmet.I've had no problem with its wind-resistant properties.

(Posted on 1/13/11)

Ninjaclava™ (Review by By Chris the Man)

I originally got the Ninjaclava as a joke, thinking its got an awesome name, why not try it? But then, I wore it when i went sledding with my younger cousins, and it eliminated the need for a hat, and kept the snow out of my neck, a bonus. I like the fact that you can bend it down over your neck to expose your entire face, which makes it possible for it to stay on all day, because of all the different ventilation options.

(Posted on 1/4/11)

Ninjaclava™ (Review by By wood)

I have owned the ninjaclava for over a year and used it on many backpacking trips. What's good - The way the ninjaclava opens and stretches to accomodate many ways to wear it. it is comfortable to wear, not at all bulky or constrictive. i have slept in it a few times. and it did not bother me at all. I think it best use is for sleeping.What not so good - it really isn't that warm or wind resistant. I think of it more as a baselayer for my head. it provides a little warmth, but not enough for me to justify the weight. There are other balaclavas that are wind resistant and warmer, and i can say that this has its place, but i think that in the temps that this piece is effective, I'd prefer a decent beanie.

(Posted on 12/16/10)

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