Men's Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves

Style# 71805OR

With incredible versatility for extended backcountry adventures, the HighCamp 3-Finger Gloves™ are a perfect combination of warmth and dexterity. These modular gloves with removable liners provide warmth and waterproof protection for tool handling in inclement weather.






  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Wicking
  • Waterproof
  • SuperCinch


Fabric Ventia™ Dry insert, 100% nylon shell // goat leather palm // PrimaLoft® 100% polyester insulation, PrimaLoft® One insulation: 340g in shell // 100% polyester 100 weight fleece liner

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 10.3oz / 291g (L)

Customer Reviews

Toasty warm dexterity (Review by Gavin)

I've found that usually the warmer a glove gets the less useful your hands become. With these this is not the case! I am amazed how well my hands and fingers are able to move in these! Very warm even below freezing without the liners. Never had cold hands during prolonged exposure to icy winds. They keep my fingers warm on the bike ride into work when it's well below freezing. Again, a great choice when you need waterproof warmpth and don't want to feel like you've got clubs for hands.

(Posted on 11/23/14)

Are they Gittens or Mloves? (Review by Working in the forest)

No matter what you call them I am in love with them. I use these gittens while at work, a land management agency, in the woods. I have the dexterity needed to hang flagging in trees and still take notes. They keep my hands warm and I like the little leashes, thats what my daughter calls them, so when I need to do something with bare hands I don't have to find somewhere to put my mloves. The only reason they didn't get 5 stars is the fact that the leather covering the palm is a little on the thin side. I have only been using them for about 3 months and there is very noticable wear and scuffage. You know I think I like calling them mloves...

(Posted on 2/14/14)

Belay Gloves (Review by JPR)

These gloves are very warm, but the leather palm is not very durable. These are great on the belay or for skiing, but not on the climb. I've used them for two climbs between 0 and 28 degrees and there is noticeable wear on the palms of the gloves, the good news is that my hands warm up quickly after I'm done with a pitch. Keep these shells in your jacket to throw on after a pitch, but use something else on the climb.

(Posted on 2/11/14)

Very warm (Review by Clayton)

I got these for the very cold ski days and they sure do deliver. My hands have never been cold. In fact, my hands are usually sweating in them, even when I don't wear the liner glove inside. Just tested them out for belay gloves ice climbing last weekend (without a liner glove) and I was pleasantly surprised with how well I could still handle the rope... and my hands were toasty warm when it was about 15 deg.

(Posted on 12/4/13)

Men's Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves (Review by By Snow sports)

Hands stay warm and dry plenty of adjustments so hands don't sweat if it gets warm. Biggest issue so far is the Velcro strips on the liner will stick to the liner when it is out of the glove. When you separate them, the liner material will get "strings" stuck to the Velcro. Its actually pretty hard to pull them apart.

(Posted on 3/4/13)

Men's Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves (Review by By Falconshenkel)

The added dexterity of these mitts is most handy for field work, backcountry treks involving gear attenuation, and are perfect for snowmobiling where the increased windchill can seriously effect one's circulation in the hands.In extreme cold temperatures (below -10F), I've replaced the liners these came with with that of the thicker liners of the Men's versiliner gloves and got better results. The layering concept works well with these mitts for extending their use in colder temps though I'd like to make the suggestion to OR to beef up the thickness of the liners these gloves come with. The exterior of the mitts is pretty darn rugged and windproof as well as the grips on the inside. All in all a great purchase and I'd recommend them to any backcountry skier, snowshoer, snowmobiler, or winter field tech.

(Posted on 1/19/13)

Men's Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves (Review by By Heather the Hiker)

My outside fingers tend to get really cold to the point of pain when I hike in the winter. I wanted a glove that I could still have the functionality of my index finger and keep the last two fingers warm. This glove delivers. With the removable liner and hand warmer pocket, these glovesare very versatile. It's like a layering system for your hands. Be advised though - when you go to put the liners back in, the last hand has a slight disadvantage to the first when you try to attach the velcro on the liner back to the glove/shell.

(Posted on 12/4/11)

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