Women's Rumor Hoody™

Style# 92235OR

Designed to provide warmth in cool weather, the Rumor Hoody™ is constructed of Motion Fleece™, which retains heat without restricting movement. The balaclava-style hood keeps your noggin cozy when the sun begins to set, making the Rumor™ a perfect outer layer for cool evenings in camp, or as an insulating layer under a shell in truly cold conditions. Clever details like zippered hand pockets and thumb loops give this jacket plenty of technical ability for the trail, but the comfortable Motion Fleece™ fabric also makes it a go to for low-key days around town.
Trim Fit






  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Wicking
  • Quick Drying
  • Movement-Mirroring Stretch
  • Thumb Loops
  • Spandex Binding on Thumbs and Cuffs
  • Spandex Binding on Hood
  • Balaclava-Style Hood


Fit: Trim Fit

Fabric : Motion Fleece™: 55% nylon, 40% polyester, 5% spandex fabric

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 11.2oz / 317g (M)

Customer Reviews

Women's Rumor Hoody™ (Review by By twotoques)

I bought this mostly with hiking and cross country skiing in mind. I knew exactly what I was looking for: i wanted -thin brushed fleece inside -smooth outer (for when it would be the external layer on cold/snowy days, and for ease of layering)-thumb holes (preferably) -length in the torso. this hoody has everything i wanted except for the perfect fit... it is so hard to find length in the torso of tops. this hoody's saving grace is that the back is longer than the front, so the usual complaint of cold kidneys when sitting or bending is mostly alleviated, which is nice. all in all the torso length is decent, but having a slightly longer front would be nice... i don't have a long torso or anything, but it's nice when mid layers aren't messing with your base layers, as with the other reviewer who said it pulls up her base layers because of the tight hem, i find that true as well. especially when it's tight around the hem and the back is long, but the front is short, it can definitely feel like it's pulling at other layers. the sleeves are large... like, they're very wide... (and i have the right size for me) when i first put it on, i didn't think i liked that, but then i realized that it was awesome for not feeling restrained and too tight when wearing a few layers underneath... you know how sometimes your torso fits fine with all the layers but the arms can feel tight! not a problem with this hoody.[the much shorter front than back (and partly the large arms) keeps me from wearing this hoody casually: i'd love to wear it everyday as well as in technical applications but the look and how it fits just isn't there]one other thing which is sort of weird, the pocket openings are unusually far back, feels unnatural when keeping your hands in your pockets.all in all though, the technical idea of this hoody is bang on.

(Posted on 1/13/11)

Women's Rumor Hoody™ (Review by By climbergirl)

This is my go-to layer for just about everything... rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, going out to dinner in town... I love it! At first I was a bit afraid of the super-bright red color, but after lots of compliments I've embraced the brightness...

(Posted on 1/4/11)

Women's Rumor Hoody™ (Review by By Sarah)

This is a layer that I rarely leave the house without when going climbing, whether it is summer or winter! It is part of my layer system. I usually wear a base layer or two and then the Rumor hoody, under my Alibi jacket for ice climbing. The hood, usually finds its way over my helmet throughout the day and makes a huge difference in keeping me warm during belays. The jacket has a good fit and is long enough to stay under my harness despite the constant shifting while swinging tools. I have had my rumor hoody for over 4 years now and despite multiple washings, it has held tough!

(Posted on 12/12/10)

Women's Rumor Hoody™ (Review by By Teresa)

I love the Rumor - i use it for everything. Its my outer layer when I'm climbing in a breezy canyon or backpacking, a mid-layer for backcountry or inbounds skiing, what I wear at work nearly every other day. I love the versatility of this piece. When its very cold (like ice climbing at the Mt Baker seracs a couple weeks ago), I'll layer a longsleeve under my Rumor, puffy on top, and with the hood pulled on, I'm super toasty. Using the thumb loops over the gloves/mitts I'm wearing adds an extra seal around my hands to keep in more warmth. I also use this piece as an outer layer if I'm doing something highly aerobic in the winter, or for most of my activities in the summer. The material has a smooth enough face to keep most breezes from cooling me down, it sheds drips from dewy trees/light mist well, and keeps me from feeling clammy/sweaty. My only con is that the binding on the bottom makes the Rumor balloon just a bit around my hips where the binding snugs in. I would prefer a straight hem. If as I reach up while climbing, the binding will pull up to the smallest part of my waist and get stuck there, usually taking my underlayers with it. And I prefer to not show off my belly unless I'm at the beach. Overall, I love this piece. My small gripe is easy to overlook for all the goodness of it.

(Posted on 12/7/10)

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