Highland Bivy

Style# 40011OR

Whether hunkering down in a driving rain or hiding from mid-summer mosquitoes, this waterproof bivy provides a comfortable respite from a long day. Breathable fabric, no-see-um mesh at the opening, and a main zipper that is easily adjustable from the inside keep out the elements while allowing body heat, moisture and carbon dioxide to escape.






  • Ultralight, waterproof/breathable Pertex


Fabric :

100% Nylon: 2.5 layer, 20D Pertex® Shield DS ripstop fabric, 100% nylon floor, pole tunnels, stuff sack

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 23.7oz / 674g (W/ Pole)

Customer Reviews

Great piece of gear (Review by Cyclist and backpacker)

I have a small bag of "get out of town" gear that I threw this in. I frequently just put this on my bike and go for a 2- or 3-day tour. It's a great piece of gear. Condensation management is always an issue for backcountry trips in cold weather, so I want to address what the other reviewers have written. I also work as a mountaineering guide. The Highland Bivy, if I had to guess, is designed for someone who wants to go light and go fast and still sleep well in slightly colder temperatures. Because it's intentionally water proof, it's able to keep you warmer than a typical 3-season mesh tent without requiring you to bring a thick sleeping bag. I usually sleep in just a fleece sleeping bag liner with this bivy (wearing long underwear also and sometimes a jacket) and I have had no trouble with condensation. I would recommend sleeping in very few layers and draping a parka over your upper body in order to "get really warm" and start to fall asleep. Push the parka aside for the rest of the night and you should be able to avoid sweat buildup. In mountaineering we say, "water from the inside (e.g., sweat) is always more pleasant than water from the outside" (e.g., freezing rain). This can also be used as a bivy inside a snow cave. And, yes, the single-pole does not self-balance. I usually just find a place for it to balance or balance it against a backpack. For me, a floppy pole is a fine tradeoff to make for a rugged waterproof bivy that packs up into a bag the size of a soda can and weighs nothing.

(Posted on 11/24/13)

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