Drycomp Ridge Sack™

Artikelnr. 36621OR

Der robuste und wasserdichte Tagesrucksack verfügt über alle Features, die man benötigt, wenn man bei Nässe und schlechtem Wetter unterwegs ist. Die hochfrequenzversiegelten Nähte und das verstärkte Material am Boden und im Bereich der Taschen garantiert maximale Robustheit und Wasserschutz. In die Netztasche passt ein Trinksystem, an den elastischen Kordeln und Fixierschlaufen können zusätzliche Ausrüstungsgegenstände befestigt werden und mit den Kompressionsgurten wird der Inhalt festgezurrt.






  • Material: wasserdicht, verschweißte Nähte, robust, leicht
  • Ausstattung: RF-verschweißte Nähte, Rollverschluss, Gummizug-System, Trinksystem-kompatibel, Deckel mit Schnallenverschluss, Kompressionsgurte, Eispickelschlaufen, Brustgurt
  • Funktion: verstellbare Mesh-Schulterträger


Fabric: 2L, 100% nylon, 70D ripstop with TPU lamination main body // 2L, 100% nylon, 420D with TPU lamination woven bottom

  • 26” x 11” 6 ½” / 66 cm x 28 cm x 17 cm
    VOLUME /
  • 1891 cu. in. / 31 L
  • 17.1 oz. / 485 g

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 17.1oz / 485g (One Size)


Not Waterproof (Review by Black Magic)

I purchased this waterproof bag under the impression that it was actually "waterproof." Due to the nature of my job, I constantly have to swim in to areas and I keep my dry change out clothing inside of my bag. I really liked this bag because it was big enough for my gear and functional to my job. Unfortunately, it is "NOT" waterproof, but would be better described as splashproof. I swam this bag in three times in one night. First swim, all my gear was dry. Second swim, I noticed that the fabric started to absorb water. By the third swim, all my gear was soaked and I had nothing to change in to for the rest of the night. I am not happy that this bag is being pushed as a waterproof bag, or that it is said to be rugged and durable. As previously stated, its not waterproof, but splashproof, and the material its made of is extremely thin and easily prone to punctures. With a few tweaks, this bag could be an awesome product, but as it stands... No-go.

(Am 10.05.16 gepostet)

Wanted to love it (Review by LA)

I bought the Sack while guiding in Ecuador/the Galapagos when my old backpack couldn't keep up with the weather. Unfortunately, the Sack didn't last long. The waterproofing is great, but three months later the hardware is falling apart. The front buckle broke off, and the chest buckle will come off its track if there's any weight on it. The first week I had the bag, I snagged the front mesh pocket on a tree branch and it ripped.
As far as features go, the compression straps and roll top are super helpful, however I wish the front mesh had a zipper (it's pretty loose and items fall out) and that there was a different method of compressing the roll top, as the front strap/hook is not the most functional. Ideally there'd be some interior storage as well.
I've had wonderful experiences with other OR products, I just don't believe the Sack meets typical OR standards.

(Am 18.12.15 gepostet)

Great Sack (Review by deMag)

This bag went to the Great Barrier Reef, and a trip Down Under, packing clothes and towels and electronics and gear for 3 of us. It can hold a lot or a little, as it folds in and tucks nicely no matter how much we stuffed into it. Only a 3 week holiday with daily use, but, I would tell anyone that is it a great item. It also folded up flat easily when empty and did not add weight to our carry on bags.

(Am 22.09.14 gepostet)

Excellent all purpose pack (Review by Schaefer)

I bought this bag to use as a mini pack liner inside my 75L to keep my important things dry as I dirt bagged across Europe. I learned that it also makes a great compression sack inside the main bag as well. I ended up using it frequently as my cragging pack so I could leave the heavy bag stashed somewhere. It was my go to for shorter trips and excursions that would only last up to a week where I didn't want to carry the 75L. I have used this pack as an ice climbing bag and have been very impressed with its ability to carry a full load of ice gear and tools. I have also used it as a dry bag for slot canyons and river trips, it serves this purpose great too. It works great as a fast and light alpine bag, as long as you're staying light enough not to need something with structure and support. It's my go to for car camping and weekend trips. It compresses down really well, it carries just as good at 12L as it does at 31L. I have beat this thing and it is bombproof. Only a few things have hurt it. First, an ice screw that was poorly packed stabbed a hole in the side (obviously my fault, not the bag), I patched it with gore-tex and is once again waterproof. Second, the rear mesh has been semi shredded by cramming it through slot canyons. Third, the shoulder straps started to separate from the pack pretty fast and I thought they were going to tear off, that was over two years ago and they still look fine. The only downside of this bag is that it doesn't breath at all, so it gets nice and sweaty on your back pretty fast. That's to be expected with a dry bag so it's not a big deal to me, I'd never take it on a hot summer hike anyway. I love this bag for the same reason I love my trusty Nalgene bottle, I know that no matter what happens to it, I can count on it. BOMBPROOF, I highly recommend it.

(Am 10.09.14 gepostet)

great for what i use it for (Review by tyson)

i use this bag to carry my wetsuits when going surfing. it easily fits my 5.4.3, boots, gloves, towel and flipflops. i use the outside mesh pocket for wax and snacks. after surfing i just stuff all my wet stuff in the bag, seal it up and it keeps my car dry. no leaks.
this bag is great for what i use it for.
i would love to see one built that is twice as wide, 50L-60L. with a wet side and dry side. so that way i could carry wetsuits and all my stuff for a few days at the ocean. keep my clothes dry and i can carry wet stuff out til i get to were i can dry it. that way i could carry one backpack, which is my preferred way to carry things.

(Am 08.04.14 gepostet)

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