Men's Gripper Gloves™

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Die vielseitigen Gripper Gloves sind Outdoor-Arbeitshandschuhe mit festem, bequemem Sitz. Der wetterbeständige Fleece blockt den Wind ab und sorgt für Wärme, die robusten synthetischen Handflächen bieten großartiges Gefühl für schwierige und anstrengende Handgriffe in kalten Bedingungen.


Foliage Green




  • Robust
  • Atmungsaktiv
  • Leicht
  • Feuchtigkeit transportierend
  • Schnell trocknend
  • Suregrip-Innenhand
  • Vorgeformte Box-Konstruktion
  • Sich verjüngendes Handgelenk
  • Zugschlaufe


Fabric: WINDSTOPPER®, 100% polyester micro-fleece 3L // 65% polyester, 35% latex palm

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 3.0oz / 85g (L)


Comfortble, Easy to Pack, Great for Mild to Cold Weather (Review by TAS)

I received these gloves as a gift. Living in Hawaii there usually aren't too many times gloves get used, but I sometimes work at Mauna Kea (almost 14,000 ft. elev.) so it gets cold and windy. These were easy to pack and provided just enough warmth and wind protection to keep dexterity. My only regret is that I was given the right size. I got a XL and I'm a Large. Too bad, but otherwise AWESOME gloves!

(Am 01.02.15 gepostet)

Second Pair (Review by Prockwel)

It's been my go-to glove for almost everything for the past 3 years. The fit is great, the windstopper is good for my winter bike commute, but the glove is also breathable enough that I can dry them out against my body during movement when they get wet from condensation or rain. It's not a tactical glove, but the gripper material gave it just enough durability that I could justify keeping my hands warm at the expense of some dexterity. I wore this glove more than any other in Mountains at Ranger school, which means handling heavy equipment and putting a lot of stress on the glove, and it survived several more winter field training exercises and PT sessions. Thick enough that they're not great to writing, but it can be done if it's cold enough and I'm not writing too many details. The most wear has been on the fingertips from doing burpees and pushups on concrete during physical training, so I'm finally buying a new pair for another military school even though I will still be using this old pair and will restitch the finger tips to get everything I can out of them. I absolutely recommend these gloves for anyone seeking medium insulation with reasonable dexterity, windstopper, grip, and dry-ability where water resistance is not required. If you're going to Ranger School in the winter, take a pair of these and a pair of backcountry gloves that will offer protection from rain.

(Am 05.12.13 gepostet)

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