Men's Crocodiles™

Style# 61572OR

Les guêtres Crocs sont un grand classique. Par ailleurs, dans la mesure où elles sont aussi résistantes que des griffes, elles ont à peine changé. La sangle au niveau du cou-de-pied est désormais en tissage BioThane® à triple renfort et une languette supplémentaire maintient l'ouverture frontale vers le bas. Le port près de la jambe, les matériaux étanches et robustes gardent leur efficacité légendaire.






  • Performances techniques matériau: étanche, respirant, résistant à l'abrasion.
  • Éléments techniques design: lanière solide d'attache BioThane® sur le cou-de-pied, Cordura® résistant à l'intérieur de la jambe et au niveau de la chaussure, tige basse de chaussure résistante à l'abrasion, doublée toile, diamètre plus large, s'adapte aux chaussures plastiques, fermeture avant à double surpiqûre, crochets de laçage renforcés.
  • Caractéristiques fonctionnelles: fermeture par rabat velcro sur le haut et sur le devant


Fabric: GORE-TEX® 3L, 100% nylon, 70D plain weave leg panel - Cordura® 2L, 100% nylon, 1000D woven foot panel

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 10.2oz / 289g (L)

Avis du client

Awesome (Review by Alaskan)

I wear these in conjunction with bunny boots along with several other people here. Been down to -72F in them. And -50 for weeks. Going on 8 years on one set now. Still going strong. They will probibly outlast the boots. OR makes the best gators hands down, with the best warranty.

(Posté le 01/12/15)

Rock Solid & Durable (Review by SAR EMT)

These are my first pair of gaiters, and have been through five months of hard hiking and bushwhacking through thorns, fallen trees, mud and water; yet my clothes and boots are always dry underneath when I take the gaiters off. After a quick wash they still look new. They were highly recommended by our SAR folks, and haven't disappointed.

(Posté le 15/04/15)

Not all that great (Review by Jcan)

The actual Gore-Tex fabric is great and will last forever. However, having owned several pairs of these now, the stitching that holds the straps was first to blow out after several uses on the first two pairs. They have updated that, but now after only two uses 5-6 hours, the little loop that you put the end of the strap through is about 25% of the way frayed through and looks like it will blow out in the next couple uses. With having to pay return shipping each time on any warranty work, I would have hope to get much more than a few uses. With shipping costs adding up on warranties, I will be looking at something new.

(Posté le 02/03/15)

Best Gaiters I've ever used (Review by Marcus)

These Gaiters are stellar. They provide protection from the elements where it is most necessary and will keep everything out of your boots. The three layer Gore-tex is hard to beat and keeps the feet dry.

I do have a few nick-nacks that could be improved to make this a excellent product.
1. The draw webbing on the top of the gaiter is very flimsy and will often twist making it hard for the clamp to shut or stay shut. This is not a big deal, but it does create an annoyance having to always spend 5 minutes fixing it every time I put my gaiters on.

2. These are made for some pretty harsh conditions (snow and heavy rain), but I have found that these do not breath very well and if I am wearing a pant that is keeping my upper legs warm, my calves will be burning up, causing sweat and then my legs get wet from the inside. Which contradicts the reason that I wear gaiters (to keep my feet/legs dry).

Over all these are well thought out and I do prefer these over any other type of gaiter. But there could always be improvements.

My experience with these are: Hiking for 3+ years and a 90 day excursion with NOLS. I have mountaineered, hiked, backpacked and canyoneered. They have been put to the test and from all other standards; passed.

(Posté le 16/05/14)

Bombproof (Review by Docray)

I've had the same pair since 1993, and they show almost no signs of wear. I've worn them from Alaska to the Peruvian Andes, the AT to Fiordland in New Zealand, Ice, Mud, Snow, and all the rest you can think of being thrown into.
I always pick these, unless I'm going to the desert in the summer, and they always perform outstandingly.

(Posté le 09/05/14)

Super gaitors for a Crocodile (Review by beldarski)

I no longer go hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing or moutaineering without my OR Crocodiles. These keep my ankles and feet dry in a multitude of conditions. From heavy rainy days in the Columbia river gorge to icy and snowy alpine adventures in the cascade mountains the OR Crocodiles are a "must-have" item for the hardcore outdoor enthusiest. Mud, rain, snow...bring it on...these gaitors will get you there dry. Climb on~

(Posté le 13/02/14)

Fit Well (Review by Mark)

I wear a 13 XXW Matterhorn boots, 6 feet 2 inches tall, and the XL fit perfect. Very nice quality product.

(Posté le 03/01/14)

awsome gaitors (Review by rad ray)

I bought my first pair nearly twenty years ago when i was doing deliveries and got tired of wet feet and pants. I loved them. They became a part of my daily winter wear from then on. Great product. When they finally wore out after almost 20 winters of daily use i was ready to by a new pair. I contacted OR to get a new pair and they informed me of there infinite warranty and shipped me a new pair that day before i even returned my old one. What customer service. I could not be more pleased with the product and the company. I recommend them now to all my friends in the tree cutting industry.

(Posté le 07/12/13)

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