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Stargazer Bivy


The easiest bivy choice for alpinists, backpackers, and campers who prefer a room (or shelter) with a view
COLOR cobalt/solaria
SIZE: 1size
Infinite Guarantee
The all new Stargazer Bivy is the most comfortable and scenic way to enjoy a solo night outside. Fully seam-taped, breathable, waterproof AscentShell™ technology ensures you'll stay safe from the elements, while a newly designed side entry makes it easier and faster than ever to get in and out of your shelter. The fan favorited feature: An enlarged head space covered by a large mesh screen that keeps bugs out and lets views in for the best backcountry stargazing of your life.
Fabric :
Ascentshell™ 3L
100% nylon
20D ripstop upper
100% nylon
40D ripstop with TPU floor
Dimensions :
82" x 26" x 20" (length x top width x top height)
Weight :
19.2oz / 544g 
Fabric Performance :
Air Permeable
Fully Seam-Taped
Design Features :
Angled Opening
Two Stake Loops
One External Fly Fastener
Functional Details :
Derlin® Single-Pole System


As advertised and happy with the breathability


It's really light and fast and easy to set up. The first night in it I jumped in with everything damp in a rain and snow storm on a 35 degree night. In the morning there was some condensation, but just a little dampness on the outside of my sleeping bag near the toe. On night two I did things properly and got in dry. There were sprinkles and wind overnight at about 35 degrees, but inside everything was dry in the morning. The zipper and vent design is great. The bug net isn't in your face. Getting the one pole back out of its sleeve takes some practice, but I'm fast at it now. The hoop keeps it from being to claustrophobia-inducing. There is even just barely enough room to read before going to sleep. If your goal is an easy lightweight minimalist shelter that will keep you warm, dry, and bug-free, this seems great. For folks that have never gone the bivy route, do note that this is not a shelter where you can bring your gear inside, play cards, or conveniently change your clothes. It's just a warm dry place to crash before hitting the trail again.

Portland, OR


I would buy this product again.


Took this on a Spring Bear hunt in Montana during April. While turning in for the night I felt some precipitation and closed it up. When I awoke and had to respond to nature's call, I unzipped the opening to find everything was blanketed in white as it had snowed. I promptly changed my plans, re-zipped up the flap and went back to sleep. When I got up the next morning, I had ZERO condensation! Highly impressed with the breathability of this material and I really prefer the opening on the top as opposed to the type you have to shimmy into from the end. All in all, Great bivy!!!

Bigfork, MT



5.0 2






Regarding the loops to secure the unused bug net or outside top cover - I used the bivy last weekend and still don't see how these 2 loops are supposed to work - there is no other attachment point - if I am rolling back the outer storm fly it comes to the elastic outer ring but what should I do then to secure it?


mark give us a ring at 855-967-8197 or reach out to [email protected] and we can assist.


On the foot end of the bivy, is there a way to keep the fabric up and off your feet? It looks like there is structure by the feet, but it kind of looks like it'd fall down on the tops of your toes. Is there structure there? I realize the only pole is above the head, but is there foam down there or guy points to make the feet area taught?


there is no structure by the foot of the bivy, however in a tight pitch, utilizing the stake loops and pole the foot box has some tension to maintain shape, but the foot box will come into contact with your pad and sleeping bag in most scenerios


I have been generally pleased with the product but have 2 questions: It did not come with any setup instructions and do not find any links to that online. 1. I found that if the 2 end loops are not staked down then the head/poles arch will droop down to like nose-level and you do not get the good view - is this correct that you must stake out the ends or is there another way to avoid that? 2. there is an elastic circular loop on the outside of the bag about 1/2 way down and a fastener in the same location on the inside of the bag - how are these to be used?


the stargazer needs the stake loops or gear inside the bivy to allow it to stand upright, designed as a major weight and packability savings.the loops are for securing the appropriate flap up to the top of the bivy when they are not in use, the inside loop to tie up the bug net, and the exterior top loop to roll back and tie up the hood in stargazer mode. hoping this helps dial in the features!