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Helium Bivy


Award-winning for its ultralight prowess, made even lighter
COLOR pewter
SIZE: 1size
Infinite Guarantee
Our Helium Bivy used to be the best-selling, award-winning, lightest shelter offered by Outdoor Research - until we outshone it with this: The newly renovated Helium Bivy is significantly lighter than its previous version, the Helium Bivy is ideal for multiday minimalists who are looking to trade weight for speed, agility, and performance. Thru-hikers and bikepackers love the new Helium for its refined footprint and reduced weight, and trust it for its feathery waterproof and breathable Pertex® Shield+ fabric that doesn't compromise on durability. A no-nonsense clamshell opening is sure to handle seasons of adventuring to come.
Fabric :
UPPER: Pertex® Shield 2.5L
100% nylon
30D ripstop
LOWER: 100% nylon
40D with TPU lamination floor
Dimensions :
82" x 26" x 19.75" (length x top width x top height)
Weight :
16.2oz / 459g 
Fabric Performance :
Ultra Lightweight
Fully Seam-Taped
No-See-Um Mesh
Design Features :
Reflective Logo and Trims
Two Stake Loops
One Guy Line Loop
High Volume Toe End
Clamshell Opening
Two Internal Fly Fasteners
Functional Details :
Delrin® Single-Pole System


Nice bivy


Used this bivy for first time on 27 mile overnight trip. Very easy to set up and light weight. Fit a Nemo pad & Marmot sleeping bag. Weather was light rain and mosquitoes were terrible. The bivy has options for bug net vs. rainproof cover for the head. It was snug (I'm 5'7" & 190) in the bivy and fairly stuffy w/ the waterproof cover zipped down during rain. I slept most of the night with the bug screen zipped all the way and waterproof cover 3/4 way zipped for some air. Outside of bivy was covered w/ moisture from the rain and there was minimal moisture on my bag which was impressive. The new "breathable" fabric seems to really improve the condensation issue. My only issue is there are only two spots for stakes to help keep the bivy taut. It would be nice if there was a stake loop at all 4 corners. That's my only complaint. Well made piece of gear.

Ellensburg, WA


The best ultralight solo shelter yet


If you are looking into going ultralight while backpacking or looking to have an emergency shelter that won't add to your pack while mountaineering this is the bivy you need to get. After multiple times of use the only issue I have noticed is that when it rains and you don't have the top open it can get quite stuffy in the bag, so I recommend having a two or three inch zipper hole open, as it helps decrease the condensation and I haven't had any water get in the hole yet. Other than that it still is a very good design, and nothing's in my face while I sleep. The bottom holds up very well, but just treat it gently and don't lay it on a catcus (obviously). It is a great product and definitely brings down the base weight. I would recommend.

Colorado Springs, CO


lightweight and roomy


Just used this for 2 nights so far. Easy to set up, pole keeps good headspace. Kept me dry on damp ground. Did get some condensation in the morning on the second night when there was less wind but colder temps (so i stayed snuggled deeper inside), but that's to be expected with a bivy really and I also had a low tarp set up over it as we were expecting a storm that never came. Getting in and out without a side opening involves some wiggling, but it's not a big issue. Lots of space inside for a sleeping pad.

Boulder, CO


Light weight, packs down small!


Great Bivy! Super light weight and comfortable. Love that the bag that comes with it is generously large and easily fits the bivy plus my inflatable pillow (one little luxury :)

Seattle wa


What a killer Bivy!


So I had used bivvies in the past in the military. This is not one of them, in a great way. Some friends and I took a trip recently to an area that is fairly notorious for high winds. Some other friends had told us their tale of woe of high winds thrashing tents at night in the area we were going. Well, I had wanted a bivy, so I used that as my excuse to get one. It's only a pound, and it packs down small. Let me say that again- IT'S A POUND. I put that in my pack, and used it every night. I'm not saying it replaces a tent in all conditions, but on this trip, there was a little bit on jealousy over my bivy. Sets up and packs away as easily as a sleeping bag, low profile, simple...

San Diego, CA


light and packable


As a wildland firefighter, I spend a lot of my summer sleeping under the stars. I learned after my first season how much difference a bivy sack can make when you wake up covered in morning dew at 5am and you have to pack up to go back on the line. This bivy is small enough to pack away without taking up much room at all. Its water resistant enough that morning dew is no longer an issue (I have not slept in it in the rain yet). And it is tough enough to use on a 14 day roll up here in the pacific northwest. If you want to pack light, keep dry, and protect your sleeping bag from being scraped up, this is for you.

Pacific Northwest


Great bivy bag!!


I purchased this bag and took it Climbing in the Rocky Mountains.initially I was afraid it was going to be not enough however it exceeded my expectations. Bivied at the base of Mt Jofre an 11,000 + feet peak. we BV just at the base of the glacier with winds of around 80-100 km/h however while inside of the bag I had no problems with condensation, and setting it up was very easy and fast. We also had some light rain during the night and it didn't affect me at all. And my sleeping bag is only a -7. I honestly think that I had even a better night that the rest of my group that was sleeping on a descent tent. Another pro was definitely the light weight, just over 500 g. Can't beat that!!!! My only concern , reason why only 4 stars, is that the the part of the bag that rests on top of the rocks is the same thin material as the whole bag and I'm concerned that some rocks could easily damage it . It would be nicer ,in my opinion, if the base was made of a slightly stronger material or if there was a footprint to protect it. Overall, a great bag, very light that I will not only carry for BV's but also as an emergency shelter in case needed.


excellent so far


i rated it at a "4" because I've only used a half dozen times but it has been flawless. Pro's: lots of room, breathed well in semi-humid conditions, packs up really small, waterproof, pole works great, cheap! Con's: I see the 2.5 layer not breathing as well as its 3 layer counterparts once the cold weather camping starts up but cannot say for sure, almost too roomy/ or baggy.



4.8 8






Can you tell me the packed size of the updated version? (In particular minimum lenght when packed). Could not find it anywhere. Thank you


The packed size will be around 5"x5"x14" for the packed size, the minimum packed weight would be 13.7 ozs.


Does it come with a bag or would I have to buy one separately? One of the reviews seems to indicate that there is a bag that comes with it. Also, if there is a bag included, what temperature is it rated for?

Bob Bobson

the helium bivy includes a stuff sack to pack it away, but does not include a sleeping bag, sleep system would need to be purchased separately.


I can't quite figure out how to set this up with only the mosquito netting. How do you hide the black cover on those nice starry nights? I see the little triangular toggle at the top but its still not very obvious how to stow the cover. Do you have a video showing how to set it up in this way?


we don't yet have a video....good idea though! but you an roll up the bug net towards the toggle and then you should find another loop on the netting underside to secure up to the toggle, hoping this helps those happy nights!


What are the dimensions at the bottom? Would something like this fit in (maybe with some bending up on the outside)?


that pad would fit, you would need to cut or fold the bottom a bit, as the base has a 19" width on the bivy, but that would be a working combination for sure.


Can you put a pad in it?


you can definitely add in a pad to the helium bivy, make sure to check the floor sizing for a good fit: 82" length x 26" top width x 19.75" top height, and a footbox width of 19".


I bought today your helium bivy sack and I like it since it's very light weighted and seems easy to set up. but, I really don't know how to install pole inside the sack. this is the first time that I ever try a bivy sack. can you please give your instruction to set up this one ?? there is no manual nor instructions inside the package. your instruction in details would help me a lot. awaiting your prompt response. thank you from Kwon in New York City


There is a sleeve on the outside of the bivy that you thread the pole through once you have assembled it.