10 Everyday Things That Feel Luxurious After Backpacking

There are lots of everyday things and common luxuries that returning from a backpacking trip makes you realize you had been taking for granted. Here are ten of those things, shown within the exaggerated reality of free stock photography, just to make sure you know how awesome they are.


1. Clean drinking water. After purifying tens or hundreds of liters per season, we backpackers do not take the faucet for granted.

2. Full sized pots and pans. Nothing makes you appreciate the vastness of a two liter pot more than a one liter pot balanced on a minimalist stove.

3. Picnic tables. Most backcountry travelers have experienced the glory of a mid-trip car campground at one point in their lives. Spreading your kit out on that picnic table is almost spiritually gratifying.

4. Touch screen accuracy. Remember how good you were at typing on your phone before the trip?

5. The sock drawer. Unlimited access to clean, dry socks of varying thicknesses and heights becomes an all-you-can-wear buffet.

6. Weather forecasting. It started with checking weather.gov before every trip. Now you do it every time you leave the house.

7. Strangers who intentionally move aside to let you pass. Why is this only common practice on trails and highways?

8. Volume of food per dollar spent.'Nuff said.

9. Your normal pillow. The out-of-this-world, mind bending luxury of first contact with a real pillow in a real bed is something everyone should experience at least once.

10. Sunsets. No matter where we are or what's catching those golden beams, backpackers are 88% more likely to obsess over the sunset than the average person.