10 Ridiculous Questions About Your Outdoor Hobby

We asked Facebook, “What’s the most ridiculous question someone has asked about your outdoor hobby?” The answers were incredible. Here are 10 of our favorites.

  1. Where are the hand holds for ice climbing? —Asked to Reid P.
  2. Is there a bathroom at the top? —Asked to Forest N.
  3. Do you take a gun with you thru-hiking? —Asked to Thomas C.G.
  4. Do you put a heater in your tent? —Asked to backpacker James B.
  5. Geocaching. What exactly are you catching? —Asked to Jill E.
  6. How many blocks to the top? –Asked to James B.
  7. How do you get the rope to stay up there? "Duct tape." —Asked to Ben W.
  8. What are y'all a-lookin’ fer up on them cliffs, anyhow? –Asked to Michael G.
  9. Camping in a tent? But I thought your husband had a job. –Asked to Traci B.
  10. At what elevation do deer turn to elk? –Asked to Laura H.

The entire collection of questions can be found here. We’d also like to add that anyone who’s worked at Outdoor Research has been asked, “What kind of research do you do?”