10 Sunrise And Sunset Photos That Won Our Hearts, And Nearly Our Homepage

Here are 10 of our favorite honorary mentions along with the winning shot from the sunrise/sunset photography genre of June 4th, 2014’s Win The Homepage Facebook Photo Contest. Nearly 250 users submitted a photo that day and we tasked ourselves with choosing one of them to be our website's next homepage background.

The quality and variety of submissions far surpassed our wildest expectations. We’ll be posting this and two other galleries as a tribute to all the incredible images we got to see and agonize over this week. Thanks to everyone who shared an image and the entire outdoor community whose adventures make things like this possible. You’re awesome!

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page this summer for future photo contests and giveaways.

The contest winning photo by Andy Earl. Climbers on Mount Superior in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT.

1. Sunrise from Hidden Lake Lookout in the North Cascades, WA. Photo by Michael Dyrland

2. Mt. Ellinor, Skokomish Wilderness, WA. Photo by Randall Collis

3. Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. Photo by Crystal Brindle

4. Sunrise over Lake Michigan, Photo by Eric Raymond

5. Snow Moutnain, Taiwan. Photo by Neil Wade

6. Hidden viewpoint above Summit Lake, WA. Photo by John Soltys

7. Mt. Whitney. Photo by Parker Alec-Cross

8. Salt Flats, UT. Photo by Matt Chirico

9. Alpine Camp, Photo by Bradley Castaneda

10. Crater Lake, OR. Photo by Zak Stone