20 Duct Tape Solutions For Your Outdoor Problems

We asked members of our Facebook community to briefly describe an outdoor problem and how it can be solved with duct tape. The answers really spoke to both human ingenuity and the supreme usefulness of this material! Here are 20 of our favorite duct tape solutions.

1. Need to pull multiple cacuts needles or thorns out of your skin? Duct tape. -Jason M, Scott H

2. Your down jacket ripped? Duct Tape. –Andrew H

3. Need an emergency, poor man’s locking biner? Duct tape. -Jim P

4. GoPro won't mount? Duct tape. – Jay Y

5. Need to hang your food but don't have a cord? Duct Tape. –Dan N

6. Did you put a can of beans directly into the campfire and the searing explosion burned holes in your tent? Duct tape. -Steph G

7. Ripped your ski or trekking pole wrist straps? Duct tape. –Outdoor Research

8. That time when you forgot your sprayskirt. Duct tape. –Mike W

9. Pant leg cuffs need Reinforcement? Duct tape. – Shaun A

10. Worn down buckle is coming undone? Duct tape. -Outdoor Research

11. Tent pole broke? Duct tape. -Rand D

12. Need to temporarily patch a hole in your kayak? Duct Tape.  –Wildcoast

13. Ski skins with bad glue? Duct tape -Erik E

14. Wrists are too loose on your dry suit? Duct Tape. –Barry A

15. Ice axes freezing your hands? Duct tape.– Masahiro T

16. Heel blisters? Duct tape. – Bill D

17. Shoe blowout? Duct tape – Mike W

18. Works far better than Band-Aids. Duct tape. – Daniel M

19. Need to protect your cheeks, nose or ears against frostbite in severely cold wind? Duct tape.  -Mike R

20. Zipper stuck wide open? Need a storm flap? Duct tape. –Outdoor Research

The entire collection can be found here.