6 Ways To Pass On The Gift Of The Mountains

Weren’t we all beginners at some point? Yes.

At one point, none of us had any idea how to do anything safely in the mountains without the assistance of someone else. And that someone else probably changed your lifestyle forever. There was no going back. The skills we’ve learned have given us the ability to explore snowy cold mountains, the dry and desolate desert or the tall rock walls that we spend our lives on. What that someone gave us was a gift that will last the rest of our lives. We cannot explain this gift to anyone else, but we all share it amongst ourselves. It is our life, our community and our livelihood. But you can give back: Be open to others, foster the values of your mentor, teach others and inspire. This is why I believe that the lifestyle we live is not selfish or self-centered. 

We hold the greatest gift of this earth, which is the love for the wilderness. This love for the wilderness is slowly losing its popularity among the youth. And we share this gift. So don’t hold onto it selfishly—create a community that is welcoming. Bring others out who lack the ability to explore the natural world safely and help them discover this life-changing gift. What would we do if we never discovered our passions?

I’m so thankful to all who have inspired me and who have taught me about the mountains. And I’d like to share six ways you can help pass these values on:

  1. Smile at others
  2. Say hi to people who you don’t know but run into in the mountains.
  3. Tell them, “good work.”
  4. Tell a joke and make someone laugh.
  5. Don’t judge others; help someone if they have a question and you know the answer.
  6. First and foremost, remember why you are out there or up there.