8 Non-Outdoor Gear Must-Haves For Climbing Moms

As a new mom and a climber, I’m always looking for things to help keep Theo entertained while I’m climbing or training. By the time he was around six months old, I started to get into a pretty good routine on what to take to the crag, gym or home wall. While there are a bunch of things that I take that are outdoor related, here are some key non-outdoor gear items that have helped us tremendously.

Merry Muscles
This simple jumper has kept Theo entertained for hours in the gym or in our garage. I also know friends who have taken it to the crag. It can be easily set up with a sling or two and a carabiner. It’s relatively simple and lightweight. Make sure it’s age appropriate.

White Noise App
This helped tremendously when Theo was really young. We couldn’t predict who would come climb near us at the crag or gym, and having a little consistent sound helped to control at least one variable.

Phil and Tedd’s Cocoon
This is a nice piece of gear when the babies are young to take to the crag when it’s cold outside. It can even be hung in a tree with slings and rocked when they are really tiny and lightweight (this is what friends have done—I’m sure the manufacturer would disapprove.

Baby Monitor
I use this a ton when training at home. I can put him down and then head out into the garage and climb while he’s sleeping. This is definitely the most expensive piece of gear, but so far I’ve found it’s worth it.

Ergo Carrier
Before Theo was old enough to ride in the Osprey backpack carrier, this was hands-down the most used piece of gear we own. I’ve logged miles upon miles upon miles with Theo riding in this. It also still proves indispensable on the airplane for napping and sleeping. And I still take it along if I need a quick, lightweight way to carry him. So simple and so great. 

Muslin Blanket
These are so lightweight and versatile. I used them a ton when he was super young at the crag if he needed to be swaddled, or if he needed a sun shade or a lightweight blanket. We still used them for extra warmth if his clothes are not enough.

Yoga Ball
Great way to soothe a crying baby at the gym. Our friends had a colicky baby and this was their savior. Even if he’s not ready to sleep, the yoga ball seems to calm him down regardless.

Once Theo has tired of the sticks, rocks and leaves, these are tried and true and Theo’s favorite way to pass the time. Our current crag favorites are the Highlights paperback books. We get them as hand-me-downs from Theo’s cousin, but they are a great lightweight and durable alternative to board books.