9 Nature Webcams To Help Soothe Your Craving

If you’re like me, you’re probably getting a little antsy. Maybe you’ve missed a spring camping trip you had planned. Maybe you feel unsure about venturing out onto the trails again. But you’re probably missing those outdoor moments that make you feel alive—the mind-exploding sunsets, or calm-inducing wave sets on the beach. If you’re at home but craving nature, check out these nine nature webcams. It’s certainly not the same as feeling the breeze on your face and smelling freshly rained-on pine needles, but it might just be the reminder you need that nature is still out there, and we’ll be out in it again.

Mount Rainier National Park

High camp cams come on later in the summer, but for now you can spy the view from Paradise.

Mount Rainier webcam.

Weimea Bay

If you need a good sunset moment, load up this webcam and enjoy.

Weimea Bay webcam.

Mount Washington

Check out conditions and views from the weather station on top of the tallest peak in the northeastern United States.

Mount Washington webcam.

Rocky Mountain National Park Alpine Visitor Center

At 11,796’, this cam shows remote windswept alpine tundra. Deep snow drifts cover much of Trail Ridge Road, which remains closed until late May.

Rocky Mountain National Park webcam.

Longs Peak

Watch the light change on the magnificent Diamond of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Longs Peak webcam.

Grand Teton National Park

Watch the weather from the American Alpine Club Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch at the base of the Grand Teton.

Grand Teton National Park webcam.

International Wolf Center

Choose from a few different cams to watch live broadcasts of the ambassador wolves.

The International Wolf Center cam.

Lake McDonald

Take in the glory of Glacier National Park from the comfort of your own home.

Lake McDonald webcam, Glacier National Park.

Blackberry Mountain

The Great Smoky Mountains spread in every direction from this cam.

Blackberry Mountain webcam, Great Smoky Mountains.