Is Your Beauty Routine Winter Ready?

Is your beauty routine winter ready? The season may be dark and cold—and you might be bundled up in so many layers that your friends don’t even recognize you—but that doesn’t mean you need to lower your other aesthetic standards! With the dry air and bitter winds, a beauty ritual is even more important this time of year. Especially if you like to enjoy the outdoors. Do you ski? Or trail run? Or ice climb? Then these beauty tips are especially for you.

Wake up so early that the sun isn’t up yet. That gives you plenty of time in the dark to forget that you’ll need sunscreen on the ski tour you're heading out on. Your bare skin will soak up all the sun’s intense winter rays—including those reflected from the snow—with nothing to protect it. That way, you’ll be sure to have an awkward white stripe over the top of your face while the rest of your face is suntanned and wind burned. This is also called a goggle tan. Some people even try to recreate this look in a tanning bed. So why not kill two birds with one stone, and make your day breaking trail do double duty?

Keep your jacket collar pulled up over your chin as much as possible, breathing your humid breath into it to create perfect acne-producing conditions. As your breath condenses and your already-dry skin keeps rubbing and chafing on the material, you’ll be sure to have a solid jawline breakout, just in time for the holidays.

Aim your face pointed upward for an entire day of ice climbing. Even if shards and chunks of ice are shattering around an on you, make sure to keep looking up the route. At the very least, you’ll end up with a bloody slice or two across your nose or cheeks. You might even find yourself with a broken nose or cheekbone that will take weeks or months to heal.

Choose a top that will show off your winter skin color. If you have fair skin and you spend any significant time in the outdoors during the winter, the skin tone on your face will surely reflect it. This will be most noticeable in contrast to the skin on the rest of your body, which will lose any semblance of your summer tan as quickly as the leaves dropped from the trees. To show off, wear low-cut or off-the-shoulder shirts that highlight the drastic difference in shades between your decolletage and your face.

Pack a tube of lip balm in every single bag you own. Make sure you have hundreds of tubes in your possession. But then neglect to put one in your soft shell pants before you leave for a day in the mountains. The best part of this trick is when you discover that there actually was a tube in your pants all along, you just won’t find it until after you’ve run the pants through the washing machine and dryer.

Choose the windiest, brightest possible day to hit the slopes or the trail. You wouldn’t want to show up to a holiday party with clear, bright eyes, would you? Not when you could show up looking like one of the devil’s henchmen because the wind was whipping across your eyeballs all day. Spring is an especially good time for this look, since you might be more tempted to leave goggles at home in favor of sunglasses.

Adopt a new hairstyle. Particularly, a look that involves flat, greasy locks that look like they've been mashed under a helmet or stocking cap all day. Don't worry if you don't find countless inspo photos to base your style on—I can guarantee this look is what all the other outdoor athletes are wearing this season, too ... underneath their helmets and beanies.

Make sure to carelessly rub the gathering snot from the tip of your nose each time you sense its presence. If you’re like me, and get a runny nose any time the temperature drops below 50 degrees, then you’ll surely have the chance to rub a lovely red spot—or even a real wound–onto the tip of your nose any day that you’re out riding lifts or climbing.

Combining all of these beauty techniques, you’ll be sure to look your best for any special holiday  events or family photos. Good luck!