#SheAdventures: The Highest of Fives

Nobody can frown during a high five and our #SheAdventures Weekly Challengers are here to prove it. When we put out the call for high fives, we knew it would be hard to choose the most stoke-enducing. But our winner emerged and we'd like to once again congratute @nattastrophe on her incredible, chalky, aerial high five. We've reposted it below along with a few others that we really enjoyed. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stoke!



Congratulations to @nattastrophe, our winner for #SheAdventures Weekly Challenge 1: Highest of Fives. Thanks to this 50 ft. high display of chalky stoke, she’ll receive a Helium II Jacket ($159). Stay tuned, we’ll be posting a new challenge every Tuesday this month. #OutdoorResearch

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Mar 13, 2017 at 10:24am PDT



Because every view in the North Cascades is worth celebrating!



"Someone once said that living with cystic fibrosis was like breathing at 14,000 feet where the air is thin. People naturally descend to lower altitude. But with CF, we can never descend - we live here 24/7." Meet my beautiful friend, Felicia. She's a total badass living with cystic fibrosis. She also loves hiking, which isn't exactly the easiest task for someone who's lungs don't work properly. A short time ago Felicia told me that she wanted to climb a 14,000' mountain for the first time. She knew it would be a huge challenge. Would she be able to breathe? Can we haul up enough oxygen tanks for the round trip by ourselves? Will we have enough time to get all the way up and back down before they ran out? These were the first thoughts that ran through my mind before we set out, yet I knew that if anyone could do it, it was her. And boy, did she ever climb that mountain. I've stood above 14,000 feet over 70 times now. But when Felicia took her last few steps to the summit on Saturday, that became one of my all-time favorite moments ever. It reminded me that life doesn't always - or ever - hand us the easy route. It's up to us to put in the work and persevere. And when you do, you'll find that the only limit is the size of your dreams. The highest of fives from 14k to this inspiring woman @ashorty2love, who not only summited her first 14er, but she did it in WINTER! Such an honor to have been a part of this journey with you!!! Congrats!! #mtnchicks #14er #SheAdventures #coloradolive #outdoorwomen #radgirlslife #mountaingirls #choosemountains #breckenridge #exploresummit #liveauthentic #takemoreadventures #optoutside #getoutside #themountainiscalling #hikingadventures #wanderfolk #coloradocameraclub #goatworthy #wildernessbabes #liveferal #co14ers #lifeelevated #outside_project #letsgosomewhere #wildernessculture #exploremore

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I request the highest of fives on 1240 ft and she did it on 1243 ft! //Thanks for my hiking buddy @leeleelivia //Photo by me!



Everyone needs that one #adventure #buddy that will always say #yes! This time she said yes to a last minute flight across the country to #posthole through the #snow, in the #rain to #explore one of the longest #lava #tubes in North America. Monkeying around in the #apecave was the #highfive worthy #SheAdventures this time. Whatever comes next, I know the answer will be yes! #getoutstayout #mtsthelens #caves #bestfriends #bicoastal #outdoorresearch

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How do three psyched ladies celebrate sending Lion's Jaw on a beautiful day? #triplehighfive of course!



Conquering life together since 1992.


We made it! Here's the obligatory summit high-five proof. It's been a whirlwind week and it's hard to believe our team was standing at 18,491 feet just over 24 hours ago! #orizabaorbust . . . . Thanks to the sponsors who helped make it possible for us to #summitforsomeone, including @mountainprofessionals @lasportivana @deuter @nemoequipment @joshvertucci

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