A Mom Who Does It All Designs A Jacket That Does It All

LIfe as a designer can be complex—trying to push the envelope with function and also make the best possible fit for women, whose bodies are incredibly diverse, is a challenge in itself. Try balancing that with being an athlete yourself, and also raising one child while pregnant with another? Charity Fox has found that balancing act actually pushes her to do better work—to make products that are as flexible and functional as she has to be to live such a full life. We tracked down Charity to find out what design she's most excited about and how she brings her son along for her adventures as much as she can. Here's what she said.

On her favorite design:
The Whirlwind Hoody has been my favorite pieces this spring—I even bought the next size up so I could keep wearing it all on my summer hikes as my baby bump expanded. The fit and stretch of the Whirlwind made if my favorite piece to wear for hiking and running. It was designed with rock climbers in mind, who are moving fast and don’t want to be bothered needing to adjust their layers too often. The beauty of this simple piece is the fabric has great stretch so you’re really comfortable wearing it throughout your climb and it’s weather resistant enough to keep you warm and dry from wind and light rain showers. I’ve been wearing this on the descent for almost all of my hikes this summer and it provided just enough warmth to keep your temperature regulated as you hike down when the light is fading in the evenings.

On the challenge of perfecting that design:
The past few years I have really been focusing on fit and how it can be improved as fit plays an incredible role in the functionality of a garment. While my life has become more complex as a designer, athlete and a mom I still try to maximize the time I spend outdoors myself while doing my best to get my kids outside as much as possible so they will learn to love the beauty that surrounds us.

Fit is always a struggle for women’s pieces.  This style was important to keep trim, and not have excess fabric in your way or hindering your movements, but not so trim that it felt binding or restrictive in any way. And of course, I always love working on hoods—the fit of a hood is critical on a piece like this. The fabric is stretchy enough you can pull the hood up over your helmet in a pinch but it’s also small enough to throw on when you get cold or if you get caught in a rain shower. The binding around the front of the hood keeps it close to your face but there is a back hood adjustment in case you need to remove a bit of the hood volume.

On how to weave kids into your outdoor adventures:
Include them in what you love to do in whatever modified form that takes until they can "do it for real." With my son, the more time he spends outside the more he seems to enjoy it. Now I can't keep the little guy indoors. Soon he will be skiing and then soon after that he will be waiting for me!

After I had my son I focused on getting back to distance running, allowing me to come into last ski season feeling strong. During this pregnancy I've been hiking every week but wasn't able to keep up with my running as far into my pregnancy as I did last time. I've been listening to my body while trying to maintain my fitness. I hope to get back to running as soon as possible since ski season is right around the corner. My son will be 2 and we plan on teaching him to ski this winter. I learned to ski at age 2 as well, so I'm trying to keep the family tradition alive of raising a ski bum since I was raised by ski bums.