A Mountain Man's Love Letter

Dear Valentine,

Our relationship has really bloomed this past year, and I just want to take the chance to tell you how much you mean to me. You’re awesome. I love you. I love the way you light up when I hold you, and I love the memories we’ve made together.

Thanks for being my loyal companion on so many adventures—you’re the only one who can help me justify climbing a mountain after a full day of work. You’re just so convincing and trustworthy. Remember when we climbed that mountain together to watch the sunrise before I had to drive back into the city for my 9 a.m. business law class? Sure, everyone else gets to see the photos of the sunrises and sunsets we watch together from the summit, but trust me: I know you’re the true shining light of those moments. Those special memories wouldn’t be possible without your commitment.

One of my favorite memories this year was hitting Dead Dog Couloir after work that early summer Friday night. Remember? That was when I absolutely knew my feelings for you were real. The way you helped me down the isothermal, refrozen snow and out of the rock-laden runnels—you were valiant. It felt like you really cared about me. I know you do.

I’m sorry I don’t always take the best care of you. You really do deserve better. When we don’t go on a proper date for a couple weeks at a time, I promise it’s not you—it’s me. It’s not that I don’t want to be with you. It’s just that I’m busy—but I know, even in those times, I need to make you more of a priority in my life.

Sometimes I do need time to be alone and to think. But I always feel safer and happier when we’re together—like this summer when I was still up on Grizzly Peak as the sun disappeared and dusk descended. I’ll admit, I was scared to be alone, and I thought of you—where you were, what you were doing back home. Will you forgive me so we can go on more adventures and laugh together at my typical lack of adequate planning?

I’m really looking forward to the rest of this winter together. Skinning up to Rasta Pass under a waning full moon was so romantic. I promise I’ll never leave you behind like those times I did last summer.

My favorite way to end the day is staying awake reading together, or sitting next to the campfire and looking at the stars together. Thanks for being you—you’re really the best adventure partner I’ve ever had.

Perhaps one day I’ll find a girl to spend all these special times with, too, but for now I’m so happy to have you, Headlamp, along for the ride. And when I do find an adventurous female counterpart who’s game to ski, run and climb through the mountains with me, I’ll still bring you along. I’m sure it won’t be awkward.

So, happy Valentine’s Day, Headlamp. Thanks for lighting my world.




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