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Adrian grew up in scenic New Jersey. After dropping out of his college creative writing program, he landed a lucrative position selling comedy tickets on the street in Times Square. Eventually he managed to get a job in the entertainment industry, working in an office two blocks from where he used to sell tickets. After three years, he was fed up with the commuting lifestyle and desperate to find a way out of New York City. Through the Internet, he discovered what a dirtbag was, and having never camped for more than two nights in a row, he decided to quit his job and become one. He moved to Montana to live out of a tent and work as a raft guide while trying to become an outdoor adventure writer. At the end of raft season, he bought a van, toured the west for four weeks, then worked for a wilderness therapy program in Moab, while learning to climb. He’s currently an outdoor education instructor in Colorado, and will be managing the Yellowstone Raft Company in Gardiner, Montana, this summer.

You can follow him on Instagram at @iamadrian.