Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Sponsors: Beal Ropes, CiloGear Packs, Silver Bean Coffee

Current Transportation: My current rig is the Silver Bean Coffee Dodge Sprinter. We use it in our plan to caffeinate the nation.

Favorite Places: Right now, the Alaska Range and the Wind River Range. Turkey comes in a close third place, though.

Core Activities: Roasting coffee and climbing take up the bulk of my awake hours.

My Jam Is: Fur Coat Blues by Jamestown Revival

Non-Core Activities: Spending quality time with friends and family, musical exploits, trail running, and a good book.

I Eat Lots Of: Burritos. Like, an ungodly amount.

Fun Fact: I am a left-handed, red headed step-child. No, really.

Four years ago, I caught a wild hare and bought ice tools and crampons without ever having tried ice climbing. I loved rock climbing, and knew deeply that I wanted to develop the skill sets to climb in the mountains. Luckily, I had a boyfriend who was a rather talented alpine and ice climber, who was willing to teach me some things, though he was quite surprised at my impulse purchase of all the gear.

To this day, I still stop mid-pitch, struck to silence at the ephemeral beauty and utter irony of climbing frozen waterfalls. This chapter of climbing has taught me the joy of living and breathing for your passions, the poignancy of being intimate with fear, and the extraordinary gift of deep-rooted climbing partnerships. I love almost any day of climbing, be it rock or ice, but am particularly grateful for my transition to alpine climbing the past two years in the Alaska Range. Climbing on Mt. Hunter, Denali, Mt. Johnson and Mt. Huntington have each been experiences wrought with effort, laughter, respect, and growth. I look forward to continued adventure and learning. Maybe I’ll see you in the hills?