Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Cascade Designs, Catalyst

Current Transportation: Jeep Wrangler

Favorite Places: North Cascades, Dolomites, Namibia, Ground Zero Comics

Core Activities: Alpine Climbing, Snowboarding

My Jam Is: Fields of Athenry by Dropkick Murphys

Non-Core Activities: Rock Climbing, Black Powder Rifles, Xbox

I Eat Lots Of: Snickers and Guinness

Fun Fact: I like cats

Joshua Brandon began his love affair with everything alpine after taking his first steps on a mountain on Mount Rainier in 2008. A graduate of The Citadel (The West Point for bad kids), he served as an Army Infantry Officer for ten years, including three combat tours in Iraq, for which he was awarded the Silver Star and two Bronze Stars with Valor. In 2007, Joshua was diagnosed with PTSD resulting from his combat experiences, and he has since battled with the effects of PTSD and TBI through his journey in the outdoors. When his war was done, alpine climbing began as a way to challenge him beyond combat, to erase the notion of being a washed up warrior. It soon turned into a means to leave the war behind while finding a new sense of purpose and to tackle sweet alpine objectives with good people.

Joshua is an outdoor contractor who has worked for a variety of outdoor related projects including veteran outdoor therapeutic adventure, veteran outdoor scientific studies, conservation, African anti-poaching, and Washington State outdoor policy. He continues to work in Africa around poaching and recreation as well as climbing centered around historical research such as the WW1 battlefields of the Dolomites.