Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Sponsors: Outdoor Research, SCARPA, Sterling Rope, Grivel, CiloGear

Current Transportation: These two legs, and "James," a 2008 Toyota Yaris belonging to the missus

Favorite Places: My Backyard, The Wasatch Range, Refuge Frey, All past and future alpine basecamps

Core Activities: Alpine rock climbing, backcountry skiing, ski-mountaineering

Non-Core Activities: Travel, adventure BBQ-ing, The Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, local gear shop personality

I Eat Lots Of: EVERYTHING—I have a hollow leg, and I cannot see food go to waste!

Fun Fact: My destiny is inextricably linked to balloons. I seem to find them each time I venture into the mountains, local and abroad.

Trad climber. Backcountry skier. Gear-shop guy. Dirtbag philosopher. Luddite.

Adventure is where you find it, and Shingo Ohkawa has spent the better part of his life searching. Whether he’s in his own backyard—Utah’s Wasatch Range—or more recently, in the Greater Ranges, the mountains are where he practices his craft: opening new rock routes in spring and summer, and cutting ruthlessly-steep skin-tracks in autumn and winter. When he’s not playing outside, you can find him behind the counter at IME, Salt Lake City’s local gear shop, corrupting the youth one carabiner at a time and hanging out with his venerable co-workers, all of whom are his personal climbing heroes.