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Are You Avy Savvy?

Author: Trent Meisenheimer

December 05, 2013

Roughly 30 people die in avalanches each year in North America. Are you prepared for what you might face in the backcountry this season? Trent Meisenheimer will get you stoked for snow safety in this video, brought to you by the Utah Avalanche Center and the US Forest Service.

Trent Meisenheimer

Trent Meisenheimer grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, skiing and snowboarding the Wasatch mountains since he was two years old. Most winter days, he can be found hiking the backcountry and shredding Utah’s famous powder. He also works for the Utah Avalanche Center, continually seeking knowledge for snow and avalanche science. In 2009, he completed his Level One Avalanche Operations course in Canada, and in 2013, he completed the Level 2 Avalanche Operations course. While he’s devoted to avalanche outreach and education in the winter, in the summer, you can find him clinging to the side of a rock wall or floating down one of the many scenic rivers in the western U.S. Trent lives in SLC and is a full-time student at the University of Utah.

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