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Designed By Adventure: The ActiveIce Collection


May 30, 2017

Sunscreen? Yuck. It’s thick, smelly, and sticky. It gets all over your gear. It runs when you sweat. In dripping heat, it requires you to reapply over and over again, laminating your skin with a thick veneer coating that you won’t be able to scrub clean for days. But in sun-soaked environments where solar exposure is a real and dangerous threat, your options are limited.

Even so, an alternative exists. One that allows you to sweat more and cool faster: Our ActiveIce Collection.

We developed our ActiveIce products for adventurers, like us, who loathe sunscreen. These pieces pack in our highest sun protection rating of UPF 50+, for fabric that shields skin from harmful UV rays without the messy lotion. Each piece in our ActiveIce collection contains a 91% polyester and 9% spandex stretch knit mix for fabric that’s breathable, lightweight, quick-drying, and wicks sweat.

The best part: Our proprietary ActiveIce fabric actively lowers skin temperature an average of four degrees as you sweat via active cooling technology.

This groundbreaking technology works by using xylitol, which releases the same endothermic cooling reaction you get from chewing gum. That refreshing tingle you feel when you bite into a fresh piece of gum? That’s the same effect your skin feels when our ActiveIce products come into contact with water. The ActiveIce fabric collects moisture – or sweat – and actually uses that moisture to cool you down.

High-intensity athletics in high temperatures demand the highest level of sun protection. Find out which ActiveIce piece is the perfect fit for your favorite outdoor rec activity.

ActiveIce Cap

Starting with where the sun hits you first, our ActiveIce Cap gives your face, neck, and scalp all-around protection from harmful UV rays. A sun cape drapes across your shoulders and can be tucked away when you don’t need it, and the cap’s folding split brim makes packing easy. On windy days, the fit is snug enough to stay put – and on windless days, mesh sides allow excellent breathability.

Thru-hikers and backpackers love this piece so they don’t have to reapply sunscreen day after day for weeks at a time... especially in hard-to-clean areas like ears and hairlines.

ActiveIce Chroma Sun Gloves and ActiveIce Full Finger Chroma Gloves

Both styles of the Chroma Sun Gloves use a silicone perforated, vented synthetic suede for durability while gripping a kayak or SUP paddle, trekking pole, or handlebar.

Mountain bikers, kayakers, and SUPers opt for the Chroma gloves to provide better grip on their handles when they’re slaying brown pow or charging over rough waters.

ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Gloves

The Spectrum Sun Gloves are our lightest glove in the ActiveIce collection, stripped of any extra padding, to give athletes minimalist sun shielding for maximum protection. These palms are infused with a silicone print for better grip without the bulk.

Alpinists choose the Spectrum Sun Gloves on a scorching glacier climb when slick sweat weakens their grip on an ice axe, while also avoiding the touch of bare skin on sun-baked steel.

ActiveIce Sun Sleeves and ActiveIce Full Fingered Sun Sleeves

Our innovative ActiveIce Sun Sleeve designs are a favorite for water sports and other activities where athletes need an easy-on, easy-off sun protective solutions for their arms.

Runners, hikers, and anglers prefer our sun sleeves for their three adjustable lengths. A stretchy silicone grips your bicep and can be pulled down to your wrist, looped around your thumb, or pulled down and secured over your middle finger to lock the sleeve down.

ActiveIce Ubertube and ActiveIce Bandana

The ActiveIce Ubertube and Bandana are the best choice for multi-functional sun protective headwear. The Ubertube can be worn as a beanie, balaclava, neck gaiter, and more, while the Bandana packs in the same versatility for wearers who prefer the kerchief-style design.

Springtime skiers and snowboarders love these pieces because their lightweight breathability literally lets you breathe through the sun protective fabric – without fogging up goggles.

The ActiveIce Collection are the athlete essentials you’ll reach for when the last thing you want to do is put another layer on, but sunscreen just won’t cut it. Remember to wash these pieces sparingly: The cooling treatment on each ActiveIce lasts about 20 washes.

For complete cooling head to toe, shop our entire ActiveIce Collection today.