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Designed By Adventure: The Helium Hybrid Hooded Jacket

Author: Outdoor Research

June 12, 2017

Hybrids are tricky. We’re sure it took a few tries to nail down the first production of an electric + diesel vehicle, not to mention the culinary classic PB&J. Here at Outdoor Research, our developers had been hard at work evolving our own version of a hybrid masterpiece – one that would keep outdoor enthusiasts dry from the inside out.

Meet the Helium Hybrid Hooded Jacket: A cross-breed of two of our best-selling, award-winning, fan-favorited products: The waterproofing Helium material where you need it most – hood, shoulders, upper arms, front, and back – and breathable Ferrosi fabric where you can dump sweat – underarms and sides.

This jacket’s hybrid mapped construction wraps both waterproof and soft shell materials in a mere 8.5 oz. for the ultimate powerhouse of a weather-proof outer layer for the active user.

Let’s break it down.

The Helium Collection gives you the best of super lightweight, minimalist storm protection that packs down to the size of a sandwich bag or beer can. The waterproofing magic comes from Pertex® Shield®, the technically advanced Polyurethane film laminate that breathes and keeps your outerwear completely dry while appeasing ounce-counting adventurers.

Skiers, paddlers, and bikers: This means you’ll be completely shielded from precipitation, wind, and whatever other elements you kick up on speedy descents.

On the other hand, our Ferrosi Collection gives you breathability, durable construction, and stretch for top-shelf performance from cubicle to crag. The Ferrosi fabric is a stretch woven ripstop, made of a blend of nylon and spandex for an abrasion-resistant piece that stands up to the elements and whatever else you throw at it.

Climbers, trail runners, and hikers: That translates to better breathability, faster wicking, and above all – less sweat weighing you down on your next high-exertion activity.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Between 47 testers, 687 days tested, and 2,495 miles hiked, Backpacker Magazine called the Helium Hybrid one of the “Best New Hiking Shells of 2017.”

Backpacker advises adventurers to:

Choose this shell for aerobic pursuits in weather up through moderate wind and rain (more than the average softshell can handle).

“A mid-afternoon squall in warm and humid Thailand would have soaked most softshells,” says a tester from Backpacker, “but the hardshell body and arms kept me dry, while the super-breathable side panels kept me from getting soaked from sweat.”

In addition to its waterproof breathability superpowers, the Helium Hybrid packs in technical features that all-season adventurers need, like...

Tackling your next big wall with a sketchy weather forecast ahead? Taking off on an exposed trail run or fastpacking trip where you’ll need to balance wind protection and breathability? Or, hiking in a humid rain forest while avoiding the dampness of rain and sweat at all costs?

Go forth and stay dry, rain or shine... with the Helium Hybrid Hooded Jacket.

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