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Introducing The Burrito Buddy

Author: Outdoor Research

March 31, 2017

A cold burrito is like a wet blanket: Unappetizing, unappealing, and an overall fun-sucker. That’s why our engineers developed the latest in their innovative (and delicious) product line: The Burrito Buddy (Order today for only $19.95)

Inspired by one too many spills and all-out mealtime carnage, the Burrito Buddy is the perfect alternative to greasy brown paper bags and scalding hot tin foil. This buddy eliminates the stress and worry of burrito transportation, and is sure to keep your burrito infinitely hot. We guarantee it: Your burrito will be fresh and delicioso, no matter the conditions. Plus, the Burrito Buddy also features…

• Burrito Heat-O Technology: Keeps burrito in perfectly-calibrated caliente temps while relieving fingers of scalding hot foil.

• Anti-Carnage Construction: Anti-leakage + anti-breakage pouch keeps burrito wrapped tight and carnage-free.

Salsa-Proof Zipper: Zipper closure locks lunch in to avoid messy and wet salsa spills.

• Gentle Swaddling Design: Soft, supportive materials gently swaddle and defend from environmental vulnerabilities like speed bumps and rain.

• Design Features: Open Cell Foam Insulation, Waterproof Zipper, EVA Molded Foam Lid and Base, Webbing with Hook/Loop Attachment.


Watch the video above to see why the Burrito Buddy will be your new favorite lunchtime accessory.

Order while it’s hot! Shop Burrito Buddy today for only $19.95!



PS: Shout out to the wonderful folks at Taco Gol, our local taco truck. Their delcious burritos are the fuel that keeps OR running and allows us to create and test products like the Burrito Buddy.

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