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Photo Essay: Paddling The Mystic Anglsey Island Off Northwest Wales

Author: Helen Wilson

May 11, 2014

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Day one took us from Trearddur Bay to Silver Bay and back.

There were lots of archways and caves to explore.


Anglesey is a magical place.


Silver Bay was a great turning around point.


It was also a good place for lunch.


The Rhoscolyn Beacon is a distinct feature.


This offshore rock is only exposed during extreme tides, and with the combination of Spring Tides and a Spring Equinox climbing it was a fun part to the day. Malene and Magne were true adventurers and swam from their kayaks to the exposed Maen Piscar.


Day two took us from Moelfre to Cemaes Bay.

Ynys Dulas is a wonderful island to paddle to.


The old brickworks buildings was an obvious place to stop for lunch – and to explore.

On day three the weather wasn’t great for being on the coast, so we headed to the protection of the Menai Straits, where Mark gave a moving water class in The Swellies, which is located between Menai and Brittania bridges.


Sea caves, Menai Straits style. Here Mark rests in front of Plas Nywedd.


We used the eddies as much as we could to make our way through The Swellies.


Talking about crossing eddy lines before heading out into the current under the Menai Bridge.


Sometimes learning about moving water can be enhanced by standing above it and watching. Plus, the view from the Menai Bridge is stunning.


Day four took us to Llyn Padarn, where I taught a rolling class, and then we explored, showing our clients a little bit of the beauty of Wales that can be found on land.


A true cultural experience – trying Marmite.


Names in Welsh can be looong.

Day five we headed out from Porth Dafarch , through the tide race and overfalls of Penrhyn Mawr, and past South Stack and North Stack, ending the day at Soldier’s Point. It was a wonderful five days of adventure, both on and off the water.

There’s just something funny about being hit by the spray from a blow hole.


Studying Penrhyn Mawr from above before passing through.


Steve shows us how it’s done.

We’ll be having an Anglesey Adventure again next year, in case YOU would like to join us.

Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson is a sea kayaker out of Arcata, California. She enjoys open ocean paddling in her skin-on-frame qajaq and can be found playing off the northern California coastline and in the lagoons several times a week. She’s never far from water and enjoys being underwater as much as being on the surface. She specializes in traditional paddling skills using traditional equipment. She competed in the Greenland National Kayaking Championship in 2008 (Qaqortoq, Greenland) and again in 2010 (Nuuk, Greenland), receiving five medals in four disciplines. In July 2014, Helen and her husband, Mark Tozer, will be returning to south Greenland to host their second commercial expedition.

Helen performs rolling demonstrations, presentations and instructs at events worldwide. She has written skills articles for several publications including Sea Kayaker magazine, The Masik and Ocean Paddler magazine. In May 1010, she released an instructional DVD, Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson. In September 2013, Helen and Mark released a second DVD, Yoga for Outdoor People. Both DVDs are available worldwide. She also serves as a board advisor for Qajaq USA.

Besides from being a kayaker, Helen’s other passion is yoga. She is a registered yoga teacher (RYT), and Greenland or Bust often includes Yoga for Padders as part of their programs.Contact Helen at [email protected]