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So You Want To Climb In The Alps

Author: Freddy Grossniklaus

June 26, 2017

Mountain guide Freddy Grossniklaus knows what it takes to get to the top of Europe's most famous peaks. So if you're thinking of trying one, taking his advice is a great place to start. In this video, he breaks down the basics of what it takes: the fitness, skills and gear you'll need.

Freddy Grossniklaus

For Freddy Grossniklaus, the mountains are his life. An IFMGA certified mountain guide, avalanche instructor, ski Instructor, USSA 330 coach and telemark instructor, he divides his time between Utah’s “Best Snow on Earth” and the Swiss Alps. He loves being outdoors, loves feeling the sun on his face, and even loves the times when he has to scrape the snow off his mug in a blizzard. Though he’s been guiding for three decades, he still thinks he’s getting away with something considering how much fun he has at “work.” There isn’t a day that he doesn’t marvel at the power and beauty of the Alps. Though he grew up in a quaint village in the Swiss Alps, he prefers Outdoor Research ski pants to lederhosen, and he’s bummed he can’t yodel. His goal is to guide until, “I drop dead at about 95 somewhere on a glacier.”