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South Greenland Climbing

Author: Sarah Garlick

September 07, 2011

At the end of a trip, where do our adventures fit into the scope of our lives? In a lifetime, how do our expeditions and climbs and epics all add up? Outdoor Research climbing ambassador Sarah Garlick shares her experiences exploring South Greenland in her video, "Reflections on Greenland." "For me, the return home from a climbing expedition is a tumultuous time. You're immediately faced with the smack of regular life: you've spent more money than you expected, you haven't worked for weeks or months, and the little counter in your email inbox has reached triple or even quadruple digits. In this hectic aftermath, I've found that my experiences, which had been so strong and immediate, can easily fade away into the background of my life. But Greenland was different. It has been a year exactly since we returned and Greenland has stayed with me with a richness that has been hard to describe in words alone. To share the story of our experiences, I put together this video with imagery and sounds that everyone on the climbing team gathered during the trip. I'm indebted to my partners, Jim Surette, Dave Nettle, and Danika Gilbert, for their spirit, skill, and generosity, and to the Copp-Dash Inspire Award for making our journey and its story come to life." —Sarah Garlick, Sept. 1, 2011 

Sarah Garlick

Sarah Garlick got her start bouldering in Lincoln Woods, Rhode Island in the late ’90s, and has since gone on to explore mountains and crags around the world. She’s put up first ascents in Newfoundland, Greenland and Jordan, and has climbed alpine rock peaks in Patagonia, Peru and the Canadian Rockies. Still, the traditional granite climbing at her home cliffs in New Hampshire is her favorite. Trained as a geologist and writer, Sarah’s book, Flakes, Jugs & Splitters: A Rock Climber’s Guide to Geology, won the 2009 Banff Mountain Book Award. Sarah currently serves as the Northeast Regional Coordinator for the American Alpine Club. She lives in North Conway with her husband, climber and filmmaker Jim Surette, and their son Oliver.