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This Hack Will Keep You Warmer On Early Spring Climbs

Author: Blake Herrington

April 15, 2014

Trees are budding, birds are singing and the rock is calling your name. But early spring days at the crag can still be a little nippy. Here's an easy, free way to stay a little warmer.

1. Find socks with holes in the toes. These might be every sock you own. Use the biggest socks you have which have the biggest toe holes.


2. Cut off everything past the arch.

3. Use as leg warmers and slip them over the heels of your rock shoes when belay or when climbing a pitch where you are only standing on the toes or fronts of your shoes (thin cracks, etc).

Blake Herrington

Blake Herrington learned to climb as a teenager while working for a small bakery in North Cascades National Park. His first trips into the mountains instilled in him a familiarity with untraveled alpine choss and a love for remote peaks. Now in his mid-20s, Blake has lived in Denver and Bellingham, before recently settling into the mountain town of Leavenworth, Wash. He has established over two-dozen new alpine routes or first free ascents from Alaska, to Colorado to Argentina. Blake is also a widely-published author, having contributed articles to Alpinist, Climbing and Rock & Ice. He has climbed sport and traditional pitches up to 5.13d, but considers diverse alpine routes the most engaging and inspiring sub-set of climbing. Despite savoring the alpine cooking of many climbing partners, he counts himself among the best camp chefs he’s had the opportunity to climb with.