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Video: Exploring Unknown Granite In The Revelations

Author: Graham Zimmerman

March 30, 2014

Scott Bennett and I have been climbing together for a long time. Last summer, we had the pleasure of heading to Revelations of the Alaska Range to seek beautiful first ascents on the steep peaks that the area holds. This is a film about climbing one of these peaks as well as dealing with the areas notorious weather.

We're very pleased to report that in April, with the help of the Copp-Dash Inspire Award, I will be headed back to Revelations to seek out more the beautiful lines in the area.

Graham Zimmerman

Heavy coffee drinker. Sporter of Moustache. Totally crazy about alpinism and the experiences, challenges and relationships that come from it.

Having climbed new routes in the Pakistani Karakoram, shot films high on the volcanoes of the Atacama desert and run complex logistics in the wilds of Ethiopia Graham is a multi-disciplined expert who excels in the wild corners of the world. As an alpinist he has won prestigious awards in New Zealand and the United States for first ascents on four continents. Based in Bend, Oregon he lives a life focused on creativity, inspiration, precision and adventure.