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VIDEO: The Happy Camper Backpacks Algonquin Western Uplands, Part 8

Author: Kevin Callan

February 11, 2016

The last of the Algonquin backpacking video series with Outdoor Adventure Skills college students and the Happy Camper. There are different views of ending the trip. Some can't wait to go home and others want to stay in the woods for a few more days.

Kevin Callan

Kevin Callan is the author of fifteen books, including the best selling “The Happy Camper”, the incredibly popular series of paddling guides, and most reviewed “Wilderness Pleasures: A Practical Guide to Camping Bliss”. On a regular basis, he presents across North America and has been a key speaker at all the major canoe events for over 25 years. Callan is also a frequent guest on radio and television, and field editor and blogger for Explore. He also writes a column CanoeRoots Magazine and Callan has hosted several TV pilots and assisted with BBC, Ray Mears, and the Discovery Channel in film projects. He is also a frequent host on a number of morning shows and hosts his own CBC Radio show coast to coast titled “The Happy Camper”. He is a winner of five National Magazine Awards and three film awards. He was also made Patron Paddler for Paddle Canada.​